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Too Many Robots

Foodery show on telly
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A cookery show, food show, chef thinging show, that sort of thing.

Preface: I’m really not interested in posh food, quisine, and the surfeit of posh cookery shows on telly baffles me. Pretty much anything that’s edible, heated in any random way you wish, and served in arbitrary sequences of distribution using poncey patterns of motion. All done in concert with a person taking the edible raw materials and applying heat somehow, talking the hind leg off a donkey as though any of it adds up to something important rather than a disposable sustenance. It’s a fundamental cultural misbalance and I can’t see the point of it.

It seems as though most of the process of ‘grab an edible raw material’; ‘mutilate it in some way’; ‘apply heat’; ‘distribute it on a plate’ with possible iterations before the final step, are pretty much near-random. In fact, most of it is probably just made up as they go along, but (and I went to art college) if you can verbally justify it, then it is art.

I reckon the human fallibility here is that not enough permutations are iterated through, fast enough, thoroughly enough, and with proper quantification as to whether this or that minor variance is better for your health or better appealing to taste, or just better in some unspecified way.

Chefs and cooks therefore can be supplanted, replaced and made obsolete by AI. An AI chef, in charge of actual robots to make the stuff happen, could rapidly iterate through far more bullshit than real chefs could ever hope to justify their way through, and probably produce more interesting, entertaining and novel results.

Robot cheffing on telly, as a television show, featuring AI chefs, doing AI designed robot-made foodstuffs. I think the results will be good, and the stuff that truly successful television is made of (no, not ads, actual content).

Ian Tindale, Dec 16 2017


       // actual content //   

       What is this "actual content" of which you hu-mons speak ?
8th of 7, Dec 16 2017

       //It’s a fundamental cultural misbalance and I can’t see the point of it.//   

       Strange, I feel the same about music. Perhaps I'm tone-deaf and you're taste-deaf.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2017

       I like this. One thing that might immediately benefit people is addressing the gradual flavor cline between the first bite and the last bite. If you eat a candybar or popsicle the first bite tastes better than the last, and this could possibly be solved with heightening the flavor or sweetness as it goes. Perhaps 3d printed candybars could have eentsy amounts of sucralose (splenda) that do this.   

       One thing that is fun is that now that alphaGozero has won lots of things, perhaps a near-term AI could write recipes, although there is a chance it might converge on vegetarian pizza with crisp rice crust.   

       Much more pacifist than robot vs. robot competitions on  public TV as well. Also, the studio audience would be copiously well fed.
beanangel, Dec 16 2017

       There are two things that shouldn't be done by robots, and the other one is cooking.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2017

       //and I went to art college//   

       This explains so much about Ian that was formerly a mystery to me...
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2017

       It does, and yet somehow strangely not. While it is entirely true that [IT] once went to art college, he only went there on one occaision, which was to be interviewed for the vacant post of assistant janitor, but didn't get the job.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2017


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