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Traffic tips

Use flashers and send money with them
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It's common in some parts of the world to use one's flashers once or twice to say "thank you", as in for letting one's cat into traffic. I propose a communications protocol and add-on to give that "thank you" a little more weight.

The push of a button combined with the use of emergency flashers would tell a computer to read the license plate of the car behind. It would hash that with a bitcoin payment, which would be broadcast. Upon receiving a decryptable payment the other person's unit would accept it.

edit: it's funny and it stays.
Voice, Aug 17 2014


       So, I'm going to tip someone for letting me in from a side road? The value of letting me in from a side road is, very roughly, one thankyou.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 17 2014

       how about a thank you and 1/10th of a cent in bitcoin?
Voice, Aug 17 2014

MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 17 2014

       [+] though history suggests that initially most users (by dollar amount) would be criminals laundering money
sninctown, Aug 17 2014


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