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Unbelievably Thick Viscous Slow Stable Roller Skates For Video Camera Operators

Roller skates, that the cameraman or woman wears, to slowly skate backwards on.
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Roller Skates worn by the video camera operator, but they hardly roll at all at first, and when they do, you can't go fast, and when you're at the maximum pace (which is about as fast as a presenter can walk forwards while playing an invisible accordion - or is it?) it wants to keep going at that speed. It has overriding stability, it won't easily speed up or slow down. Actually stopping would have to be a special case or exception, instigated separately and probably not by simply making the roller wheels stop moving suddenly because they won't. These skates feel highly gyroscopic, would be very difficult to fall over in, and are smooth and predictable. Once you've started them in motion, it's like gliding backwards through porridge.
Ian Tindale, Nov 18 2009


       I'd like ones that go sideways - don't ask!   

       sp: vicious
po, Nov 19 2009

       //it's like gliding backwards through porridge//
[adds "reverse porridge gliding" to list of "100 things to do before I die"]
coprocephalous, Nov 19 2009

       Yes, "it's like gliding backwards through porridge" is a very definite statement, suggesting that Ian has experience both of using these roller skates and of gliding backwards through porridge. If he was merely speculating he would have said "it might be like gliding backwards through porridge" or something similar. I'd be interested in Ian's porridge recipe - when I make porridge, it comes out far too viscous for me to imagine anything without a lot of inertia (like a battleship) to glide through it.
hippo, Nov 19 2009

       //don't ask! //   

       You tease! We have to ask now. What was it we weren't supposed to ask, exactly?
pertinax, Nov 19 2009

       there's always one! :)
po, Nov 19 2009


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