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Vatican Chimney

an online Smoke Detector
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The Cardinals are soon to start choosing a new pope, and when they do white smoke will be sent out of the chimney at the Vatican. No doubt someone will set up a web cam, but I was wondering whether we could do with a browser extension, showing us the current smoke status in the status bar.
neilp, Apr 03 2005

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       i think he will be very difficult to get lit.
benfrost, Apr 03 2005

       Someone did a Terri Schaivo Firefox extension.
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2005

       It has been reported in the media that the Vatican announced the Pope's death via SMS text messages to the press. So a web cam does not seem all that far fetched.
krelnik, Apr 04 2005

       SMS: Smoke Messaging System? or Sonic Messaging System (via the bells)?
Freefall, Apr 04 2005

       /i think he will be very difficult to get lit./ don't they pump you full of flammables before you lie in state? Not to mention hang around in an indoor crypt for years.
bungston, Apr 05 2005


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