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Webcam Linked Patina Effect

Directionally faking it.
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Use a webcam to ascertain where the head of the user has gotten to, and adjust the apparent lighting direction to affect the 'patina' effect of Panther's brushed metal window areas.
Ian Tindale, Jan 16 2005

Mac OSX 'Panther' http://www.apple.com/macosx/overview/
For other luddites and non-Mac owners. [wagster, Jan 18 2005]

Sweet spot expander Sweet_20Spot_20Expander
Some discussions on the tracking of a user's head. [wagster, Jan 18 2005]

accurate 3D shading accurate_203D_20shading
[egnor]'s version of this idea [krelnik, Jan 18 2005]

Time-sensitive 3D shading Time-sensitive_203D_20shading
my takeoff on the idea [krelnik, Jan 18 2005]


       Does this mean real-time adjustment of on-screen shading and shadowing effects to correlate the effects to the (changing) physical perspective of the viewer, thereby better simulating reality?   

       [later: could the web cam, if placed on or near the monitor, also be used to extrapolate the location, intensity and color of the real external light sources presently illuminating the monitor and thus enhance the effect by simulating these same light sources to create the on-screen shading?]
half, Jan 16 2005

       Or does it mean continuously rerendering the UI features in response to the user's head movements to simulate the lighting changes which would be consistent with their apparant three-dimensionality?
hippo, Jan 16 2005

       It's great either way. :)
robinism, Jan 16 2005

       Yes. Having understood what you meant, this is an extremely cool idea. And we now (more or less) have the spare processing power to devote to this pointless stuff. Would definitely need an 'off' switch though for when you wanted the power for other things.
wagster, Jan 18 2005

       This is actually a dupe of an idea that egnor posted a long time ago. (Edit: I thought it was deleted, but it must have been recovered in the recent rebuild). Also see link to my related idea.
krelnik, Jan 18 2005

       how about tilting the monitoritself using servomotors?? I mean if it is an LCD screen, it could practically done. A really enthusiastic college student could perhaps try this out as college project! that is, if he has enough bucks to waste on a couple o lcd screens web cam, etc.
kamathln, Feb 08 2005

       This isn't a duplication of [egnor]'s idea, in my opinion. [Egnor]'s idea calls for the computer, via sensors, to render lighting based on the power and direction of the ambient lighting in the users immediate environment while this idea uses facial recognition or gaze detection to determine where the human "camera" is located and render the lighting according to that camera, the user's eyes.   

       If you were to take this a step further and had a powerful renderer you could render the UI with the appropriate perspective in relation to the user's gaze. The UI elements would shift in perspective and parallax as the user's eyes moved about. With a realtime raytracer even more could be done as the rays could be cast from the computed location of the user's eyes. The appropriate interobject and environment reflections could be cast accurately, etc.
bristolz, Feb 08 2005

       You could just hook the users head to the screen with a bar. A tasteful, plastic bar. Easier than hunting around with some robo cam, which would just as likely mistake their huge pasty bum for their face.
bungston, Jun 24 2005


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