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Not a macroscrope, that name’s already taken, and it isn’t even an SI prefix, like ‘micro’ is.
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A microscope makes the view of things where you are be narrower, so that things where you are under the microscope appear larger because they fill the same field of view or area of view that ordinary normal life does, but there’s not as much in it, so what little there is to see expands sideways to fit you better.

There isn’t the opposite of a microscope. A telescope isn’t it – that’s just something for making the field of view narrower (again, like a microscope) except the stuff under the microscope which is now under the telescope, except not under it but alongside it to the front of it, is now far away and not where you are.

The opposite of a microscope would be something that makes the view of things where you are much enormouser, wider, enwidthened, and all encompassing. So you’d see not the table, not the floor, not even your road or town or country, not even the planet, not even the part of the Milky Way, but way beyond this corner of the universe – depending on the objective, of course.

Ian Tindale, Dec 29 2017


       So, you want a sort of VR headset that bypasses your eyeballs?
pertinax, Dec 29 2017

       Isn't this a Total Perspective Vortex?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 29 2017

       Fish-eye lens?
pocmloc, Dec 29 2017

       A woman's perspective viewed by a man?
po, Dec 29 2017

       you could genetically engineer people to have long tubular deep set eyes that look normal at the face, and then have retina material all up the sides of the tube, and then have lasers address all of the separate cones and rods of the lengthy tubes to have more bandwidth.
beanangel, Dec 29 2017

       One atom pixel, waveguide driven of course, contact lenses? Yotta know what your looking at, though.
wjt, Dec 29 2017

       Another thing you could do is look at the bandwidth of the optic nerve (and brain). It is just possible that the optic nerve as it is already has 2 or even 4 times the data capacity the retina uses. If that is true, then fancy things with lasers and neurotransmitters linked to light absorbing chemicals could actually put ultra high resolution (macroscopic) images on the optic nerve.
beanangel, Dec 30 2017

       Trust not your eyes. Deceive you they can.
RayfordSteele, Dec 30 2017


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