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Download at the playstore...
nessiehunter, Sep 05 2019

https://xkcd.com/1174/ [hippo, Sep 05 2019]

[marked-for-deletion] Halfbakery_20app
redundant [hippo, Sep 05 2019]


       sort by the croissant
nessiehunter, Sep 05 2019

       Who needs apps, when there are drivers? Just mount Halfbakery, it's got a driver, just plug-and-play ;)
Mindey, Sep 09 2019

       [Mindey]...like this?   

       cat idea.txt >> /dev/halfbakery
zen_tom, Sep 09 2019

       Now a halfbakery ape would be good. He or she could perform tricks all day long involving perpetual motion bicycles powered by custard eating hamsters.
xenzag, Sep 09 2019

       Alternately, a halfbakery opp, wherin dubious members of the medical profession fit you with musical instrument based prosthetics, pre-loaded with insects and fruit-based preserves.
zen_tom, Sep 09 2019

       "halfbakery ape" OOK.
po, Sep 13 2019


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