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a mobile phone umbrella to block out light when taking photos in bright light
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What about designing a kind of shutter mechanism around a mobile phone which effectively cancels out excess light on the screen, so that one can actually see what one is capturing when in bright light? It might make one's mobile look a bit like a Bat-phone...which could take off...if you'll excuse the flighty pun...

It could also double as a form of solar charging device, to enhance and augment battery power in remote locations, such as deserts...or abandoned industrial areas...which are some of my favourite photography haunts...

Edie, Feb 15 2018

Is this what you were thinking? https://www.youtube...watch?v=8oCFWuCVD0k
How to make a Do it Youself mobile phone camera hood. [wjt, Feb 16 2018]


       There are clip on lenses marketed so a clip on lens hood. OH there's a DYI version.   

       Although, any form of complex transforming shape folding has to be a key to the advancement of the human race when travelling out there.
wjt, Feb 16 2018

       i was actually not really thinking...until i happened to write the bit about the solar charge...
Edie, Feb 19 2018

       Actually a phone filter where you choose from different pho apparatus like lights with a CAD program could be nice.
beanangel, Feb 19 2018


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