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B52 Ranch   (+6, -3)  [vote for, against]
Something to do with all those B52s

Like the Cadillac Ranch only with B52s.... yep all of them !

see links
-- xenzag, Mar 07 2006

(?) B 52s http://www.virtualt.../airplanegrave.html
think this is all of them - now imagine them looking like the next link below [xenzag, Mar 07 2006, last modified May 10 2006]

Cadillac Ranch
[xenzag, Mar 07 2006]

B52 Ranch Dressing
[DrCurry, Mar 07 2006]

(?) Dinosaur park
Like this, only fighting each other [wagster, Mar 07 2006]

Burying Combines.
Amarillo is becoming a funny funny place. [Letsbuildafort, May 10 2006]

The bands or the vehicles?
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 07 2006

You could do Cold War reenactments, I guess.
-- DrCurry, Mar 07 2006

do you think they would grow if they got watered ?
-- xenzag, Mar 07 2006

Gyrate, 'til you've had your fill
Just like a big pnuematic drill
Don't let it go down the drain,
Better hop on the cosmic wagon train!
-- normzone, Mar 07 2006

Can we reshape them to look like montages of big animals eating each other, like a dinosaur park?
-- wagster, Mar 07 2006

ooh--- build a giant organ that works by running the jet engines of old B-52s at the right RPM for each one to produce the desired frequency. Might take awhile to ramp up/down between notes, though.
-- sninctown, May 06 2006

[+] for the organ bit. Play something evocative of peace.
-- methinksnot, May 06 2006

Or perhaps 'Ride of the Valkyries'?

One question - nose or tail up?
-- putterling, May 07 2006

tails up, heads in the ground
-- xenzag, May 07 2006

Since the Cadillacs were driven into holes in the ground, shouldn't the planes be flown into the ground?
-- discontinuuity, May 07 2006

//You could do Cold War reenactments, I guess// I like the idea of this - you largely ignore your enemy, and send all your military advisors to completely unrelated countiries.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 07 2006

I'll call Stanley Marsh right now ...
-- Letsbuildafort, May 09 2006

For DrC: I'd like to see some of them used to create a really big mobile, suspended over a map of the Soviet Union, with scale-sized mushroom clouds dotting the landscape and a wild-eyed representation of General Jack D Ripper pushing a big red button. There should be plenty of room to set this up at the site of the former Burpelson AFB.
<singing "we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...>
-- Canuck, May 10 2006

[retart] the link says the caddys were lifted into the holes by backhoe loader. I wouldn't know, I was ignorant of the whole thing til I read the idea.
-- david_scothern, May 10 2006

Actually a few years ago the Caddies were moved via crane to a different position in the same field. Kickass after-party too.

Also - funny this idea should surface NOW. On the 9th of May the local newspaper here printed a sroty about a farmer burying combines. Thats right - large farm equipment. I got the story on my blog because the newspaper requires you register. Funny this should come up now ...
-- Letsbuildafort, May 10 2006

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