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Poor Man's Rivet Sorter   (+6)  [vote for, against]
They exist for large quantities of rivets, but what if I want to just sort a few?

I was reading Matt's RV-7 Project blog <link> and wondered if there is an easier way to sort various-sized rivets that sometimes come grouped into a single bag.

My idea is to take a piece of Delrin® or other hard plastic and use a router to cut an angle, equal to the angle of the rivet head, along the length on each side angled towards the center.

At the botton of the vee, an additional slot that is equal to a specific length rivet would be routed. You could have multiple sorters for different size rivets.

You should be able to pour the rivets into the trough and they should settle into the groove and all rivets beyond the depth of the groove would stand "proud" of the trough. Remove these and you should have all equal length rivets.

If you start with the shallowest (smallest) slots and work your way up, you would be able to sort a large quantity easily and cheaply.
-- Klaatu, Mar 02 2008

Matt's RV-7 Project Page http://www.rv7blog..../27/rivet-insanity/
[Klaatu, Mar 02 2008]

Crude cross-section drawing of the sorter http://bp1.blogger....-h/Rivet+Sorter.JPG
[Klaatu, Mar 02 2008]

Rivet Sorter with plates that slide to "clamp" the good rivets in place.
A simplified view. [Amos Kito, Mar 02 2008]

Rivetting. Absolutely rivetting.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 02 2008

On the same catalogue page as the glass eyeball sorter.
-- ldischler, Mar 02 2008

You don't say how to remove the long sized rivets. If you have a thin plate that slides in from the sides to partially cover the heads of the rivets, this would hold them into the slot. Then you could just dump out the ones that are too long or didn't enter the slot properly. It could work with only one such plate. If the sorter is somewhat flexible, it could have a slight lip built-in, to grab the rivets.

//glass eyeball sorter//
[Idischler], it's best to keep all the glass eyes organized in the eyeball cabinet. Once they get mixed up, it's over.
-- Amos Kito, Mar 02 2008

[Amos Kito] I like the addition and it still keeps the spirit of the idea. Thanks.
-- Klaatu, Mar 02 2008

Bun. This would work out much better than paying the nephew 5 bucks to sort each bag - cheaper in the long term, there'll be fewer mistakes, and it won't quit in the middle of the job to go play Guitar Hero!
-- Canuck, Mar 02 2008

Could you not simply borrow a rich man's rivet sorter? Mine is called Jabbins, and he's free on Wednesdays.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2008

//best to keep all the glass eyes organized in the eyeball cabinet//
It's the dang kids playing marbles with them. They lost them in a game of ring taw, and now old granddad Jabbins is using a pair of brass rivets. I painted spots for the pupils, but it ain't the same.
-- ldischler, Mar 02 2008

// Once they get mixed up, it's over. //

True. Never keep the glass eyeballs and the real eyeballs in the same pocket.
-- 8th of 7, Mar 03 2008

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