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The checkstand is a thing of the past

Every item in the store is taged with a small mag RFID tag. Instead of a conventional chackstand you place your bags on a conveyor that transports them into a high power RFID scanner similar in structure to an airport baggage xray. This device weighs the bags and scans the item tags totaling the purchase. You pass through a portal that scans you for tags then pay for the items on the other side. Once you have paid the scanner disgorges the bags and you are on your way.
-- WcW, Mar 08 2008

First link... http://www.rfidjour...ticle/view/1082/1/1
on Googling "RFID self checkout" [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 09 2008]

I'm pretty sure this is a well-established vision of the "store of tomorrow".
-- phoenix, Mar 08 2008

What's "SCO"? Also, what's a checkstand?
-- angel, Mar 10 2008

SCO = Self-CheckOut

"Checkstand" is another word for "checkout counter" - the combination of conveyor belt, register, and collection area that you pass as you pay for goods in e.g. a grocery store.
-- jutta, Mar 25 2008

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