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StreetView Privacy

Many people are concerned about the recent introduction of Google's StreetView feature. To many, it's maps and associated photography form a breach of privacy. People are worried that anyone could be looking at their house without them knowing. [Who knows, perhaps Google also associates visible Wifi ids?]

Perhaps there should be a scheme to allow email addresses to be associated with specific lat-long locations [Streetviews], and that the system messages that email whenever it's being viewed - so that at least you know you're being observed.

{Further restrictions could be introduced to force Streetview viewers to register their-own details, so that the details of the viewer's domicile are sent to the visitee's email address.}
-- Dub, Apr 10 2009

Oi! Get that camera out of my face! http://www.telegrap...h-photographer.html
To paraphrase a UK Google Streetview photographer [Dub, Apr 10 2009]

Google Street View Logs Wi-Fi Networks, MAC Addresses
Eek [Dub, Apr 24 2010]

Judge OKs Wiretap Lawsuit Over Google Wi-Fi Sniffing 131 http://tech.slashdo...ogle-Wi-Fi-Sniffing
[Dub, Jul 03 2011]

so you only really care if people are spying on you for free? Those cameras work even if Google doesn't.
-- WcW, Apr 10 2009

Sorry [WcW], I don't understand.

//for free?// Members of "The Public" as opposed to Police and Security Services (and whoever else the democratically elected government deems has rights to check you out)?

//if Google doesn't// Police/State CCTV?

Well, if you can get [i]them[/i] to tell you they're spying on you, I guess that'd be nice, but it's probably a separate issue.

Much of the furor that surrounds the UK's StreetView introduction seems to be based on the perception that burglars could use it to check out people's properties.
-- Dub, Apr 10 2009

I'll just send you a fabricated address at random intervals. How are you going to know the difference?
-- Srimech, Apr 10 2009

[Srimech] Ah, the further... bit... More of a afterthought. Do bear in mind Google AdSense users' bank (and therefore possibly other details) may be known.
-- Dub, Apr 10 2009

I think the stuff about StreetView sniffing Wifi was (is?) a very real issue
-- Dub, Jul 02 2011

One of the great incidental benefits of Google Street View is that it justifies one's determination in preserving one's ha-has.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2011

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