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StreetView Privacy

Many people are concerned about the recent introduction of Google's StreetView feature. To many, it's maps and associated photography form a breach of privacy. People are worried that anyone could be looking at their house without them knowing. [Who knows, perhaps Google also associates visible Wifi ids?]

Perhaps there should be a scheme to allow email addresses to be associated with specific lat-long locations [Streetviews], and that the system messages that email whenever it's being viewed - so that at least you know you're being observed.

{Further restrictions could be introduced to force Streetview viewers to register their-own details, so that the details of the viewer's domicile are sent to the visitee's email address.}
-- Dub, Apr 10 2009

Oi! Get that camera out of my face! http://www.telegrap...h-photographer.html
To paraphrase a UK Google Streetview photographer [Dub, Apr 10 2009]

Google Street View Logs Wi-Fi Networks, MAC Addresses
Eek [Dub, Apr 24 2010]

Judge OKs Wiretap Lawsuit Over Google Wi-Fi Sniffing 131 http://tech.slashdo...ogle-Wi-Fi-Sniffing
[Dub, Jul 03 2011]

so you only really care if people are spying on you for free? Those cameras work even if Google doesn't.
-- WcW, Apr 10 2009

Sorry [WcW], I don't understand.

//for free?// Members of "The Public" as opposed to Police and Security Services (and whoever else the democratically elected government deems has rights to check you out)?

//if Google doesn't// Police/State CCTV?

Well, if you can get [i]them[/i] to tell you they're spying on you, I guess that'd be nice, but it's probably a separate issue.

Much of the furor that surrounds the UK's StreetView introduction seems to be based on the perception that burglars could use it to check out people's properties.
-- Dub, Apr 10 2009

I'll just send you a fabricated address at random intervals. How are you going to know the difference?
-- Srimech, Apr 10 2009

[Srimech] Ah, the further... bit... More of a afterthought. Do bear in mind Google AdSense users' bank (and therefore possibly other details) may be known.
-- Dub, Apr 10 2009

I think the controversy over Google Street View is pure rubbish. I've looked at my own duplex, and the picture is two and a half years old. I can tell because in the picture I can see the small, 3- bag wheeled garbage bin that came with the place in it, and I had it replaced with a larger bin within a month of moving in, which I've had ever since. Oh yeah, and you can only see the front of the house. Hardly useful for planning a burglary.

My parents' home, which they've lived in since 2002, isn't even available. The whole subdivision they live in isn't there at all. It's incredibly out of date, and it's not as if they drive by daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually to update them. This is not a service that a buglar or stalker would find useful. It is, however, useful for finding a place such a friend's house or business. All you have to do is print out the image and you know what the house or office building looks like, which saves you the trouble of driving past it several times looking for the number.
-- 21 Quest, Apr 10 2009

I think the stuff about StreetView sniffing Wifi was (is?) a very real issue
-- Dub, Jul 02 2011

One of the great incidental benefits of Google Street View is that it justifies one's determination in preserving one's ha-has.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2011

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