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[Jun 29 2016]
(+2) 15 Minutes of Fame Equation
 Aid with sanctions
(+2) ... and smoking
(+2) Anti-gravity planar toaster
(+2) Anti hand-ball shirt
 Cheesy Grin Mark
 Codified Protest Escalation
 Covert Disabling of Diplomats
(+3) DARPA take away challenge
(+2) Deaf Con Wallpaper
(+5) Dog exoskeleton for suitcases
(+1) Dream Ident
 Driverless car passenger detector
(+1) Driveway Tamping Party Tent
 Egalitarian AI
(+10)(+10) Electrically Conductive Hairspray
(+3) Enjoy, Info, Think, Reconstruct
 EU Rules Cherry Picking Drone
(+3) Fact News and Fact Sources
(+4, -1) Fail Dangerous Smart Gun
 Fast Brexit Solutions
(+3, -1) Filo Seitan
(-1) Final Fantasy Politicians
 Fix Obamacare with Drug Company Money
(-1) For Frankenstein's Sake
(+1) Fridge-Kettle
(+1) Fridge top shelf that doesn't cool
(+4) Hover Hoover
(+5, -1) Illuminate the moon like the death star
 Is it you reading this ?
(+1) Jurassic Park and other gearing
(+1, -2) LGTB and NAH Rights
 Madgcuppia Teaspresso
 Magnifying Glass Sticker
(+2) Martial Arts for the Elderly
(+1) Milk Machine
(+2) Monopoly 2
(+1) Multi-function Toaster
(+3) Mystery box of outrage
(+4) Near Field 'Random' Cash
(+1) New Green Deal
(-1) OfPrescript
 Pavlov's Prison Ident
(+1) Portable computing drop into NK
(+2) Pre-emptive Referenda
(+6) Punch and Judy News Network
(+3) Renewable Energy Index
 Repeal and Replace the 2nd Amendment
 RFID Cookware
 Rollerskates Done Proper
(+4) Self driving hat
(+2) Semi-solid Accident Shovel
(+2, -5) Socialist Business Model
(+1) Sonic the Fridge Ogg
 Start Smoking
(+4) Stationary Ball Game
(+2) Stoneware with rebar
(+3, -2) Super AI
(+1) Suppress cancer causing surveys
(+2) TF Apparel
(+2, -1) The ARMish
(+4) The Dishwasher Music Channel
 The Watched - The Sci-fi addict
 Use your smartphone to keep doors open
(+2) Vehicle Route Heuristics Braking
 Wok Bath

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