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Below is a list of commentator channels who provide medium to long format videos mainly on current affairs. The long format allows them to provide much greater background to the issues and often present information that otherwise we'd never hear from the mainstream.

I don't agree with these channels 100 percent - everyone's opinions are different, but great if you want to hear discussion longer than a soundbite. Many channels have a great back catalogue so be sure to flick through for a topic you want to explore.

Australian woman Sydney Watson is a critical thinker.

Veemonro provides a good commentary on current affairs from a post Ceausescu Romania.

Tim Pool is slightly left of centre and will criticise left *or* right.

Sargon is a UKIPer who also has a perceptive take on current affairs.

A perceptive Irish perspective on today's insanities - "How is this a thing ?"

He and his guests talk about stuff. Despite being an ex-Canadian comic, he's still quite funny.

Joe Rogan interviews people in depth - 3 hours in depth of off-the-cuff chats. Solid guy.

Ben Shapiro makes incisive arguments at a million miles per hour. Gets a bit too far right for my taste.

Others worth a search who also get a bit too far right -

Douglas Murray (nice posh Brit accent)

https://www.youtube.com/user/JordanPetersonVideos Jordan Peterson

[Jun 29 2016, last modified Mar 22 2019]

(+2) 15 Minutes of Fame Equation
 Aid with sanctions
(+1) 'Alien' scanner for pets
(+2) ... and smoking
(+2) Anti-gravity planar toaster
(+2) Anti hand-ball shirt
 Bagel Slicer
(+3) Birthday Midpoint Surprises
 Cheesy Grin Mark
 Codified Protest Escalation
(+1, -2) Corona News
 Covert Disabling of Diplomats
 Covid Menu
 Cryptographic Benefits
 Curfew Card
(+3) DARPA take away challenge
(+2) Deaf Con Wallpaper
(+5) Dog exoskeleton for suitcases
(+1) Dream Ident
 Driverless car passenger detector
(+1) Driveway Tamping Party Tent
(+1) Echo Chamber Game
 Egalitarian AI
(+10)(+10) Electrically Conductive Hairspray
(+3) Enjoy, Info, Think, Reconstruct
 EU Rules Cherry Picking Drone
(+3) Fact News and Fact Sources
(+4, -1) Fail Dangerous Smart Gun
 Fast Brexit Solutions
(+3, -1) Filo Seitan
(-1) Final Fantasy Politicians
 Fix Obamacare with Drug Company Money
(-1) For Frankenstein's Sake
(+2) Forebeach
(+1) Fridge-Kettle
(+1) Fridge top shelf that doesn't cool
 Future Corona Laws
(-1) Hong Kong Riot Control Synergy
(+4) Hover Hoover
(+5, -1) Illuminate the moon like the death star
 Is it you reading this ?
(+1) Jurassic Park and other gearing
(+1, -2) LGTB and NAH Rights
 Madgcuppia Teaspresso
 Magnifying Glass Sticker
(+2) Martial Arts for the Elderly
(+6) Microgreen Pendulum
(+1) Milk Machine
(+2) Monopoly 2
(+1) Multi-function Toaster
(+2) Multi-timer with camera
(+3) Mystery box of outrage
(+4) Near Field 'Random' Cash
(+1) New Green Deal
(-1) OfPrescript
(+1) Old fashioned packaging shop
(+3, -4) Pandemic Scale
(+3) Pasta a'la Panique
 Pavlov's Prison Ident
(+1) Portable computing drop into NK
(+6) Portable Ultrasonic Welder
(+2) Pre-emptive Referenda
(+6) Punch and Judy News Network
(+3) Renewable Energy Index
 Repeal and Replace the 2nd Amendment
 RFID Cookware
(+6) Rhoomba
 Rollerskates Done Proper
(+2) Schrodinger's Entangled Cat Experiment
(+4) Self driving hat
(+2) Semi-solid Accident Shovel
(+2, -5) Socialist Business Model
(+1) Sonic the Fridge Ogg
 Start Smoking
(+4) Stationary Ball Game
(+2) Stoneware with rebar
(+3, -2) Super AI
 Supplied air respirator for cooking
(+1) Suppress cancer causing surveys
 Temporarily Nationalized Company
(+2) TF Apparel
(+2, -1) The ARMish
(+4) The Dishwasher Music Channel
 The Watched - The Sci-fi addict
(+1) Toaster + magazine
 Use your smartphone to keep doors open
(+2) Vehicle Route Heuristics Braking
 Wok Bath

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