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"It's wasn't a good idea, but at least it was unoriginal!"

“What units do you use to quantify vagueness?”

[Apr 21 2020, last modified Jan 01 2021]

(+6) Bat'leth handlebars
(+2) Bug-zapping ceiling
(+2) Customized nightlights
(+3) Delayed Action Rodent Trap
(+3, -2) Didgeridoo+Bagpipes
(+8)(+8) Distributed Circulatory Assists
(+4) Easy Clean Blender
(+4) Easy-reach smoke-alarm cutoff
(+5) Flickstarter
(+4) Genetically engineered cow butts
(+2, -1) Graffiti Spray Gun
(+9)(+9) Groucho Protective Mask
(+4) Hair Club For Rats
(+6, -2) Hidden Spider Soap
(+4) Household spring repair kit
(+6) IsThisYourCar.com
(+4) Joke-search generator
(+3) Lunar Flog
(+2) Mask delivery of psychoactive drugs
(+3) Medical Measurement Tattoo
(+3) No-tie protective mask
(+6) Orbital Shish-Kebap
(+2) Oversized charging case
(+1, -3) Personal "ignore" list
(+5) Poll Disclosure App
(+4) RIP - Arecibo Observatory
(+10)(+10) Robot floor sweeper that doesn’t suck
(+3) Rodent Repellent
(+4) Roll-up plastic faceshield
(+5) Saboteur laser weapon
(+4) Self heating can with agitator
(+4) Single-Sized Coinage
(+3) Solar Semaphore
(+6, -2) That’s not how it’s spelled!
(+2) The Complete Pratchett
(+8)(+8) Time Traveler Recognition Music
(+2) Wearable telescope or binoculars
(+4) WS2 treated bicycle components

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