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FarmerJohn's Clocks
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Lots of clocks


 (+11, -1)(+11, -1)  Anamorphosis Watch  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+11, -1)  Telling time in a conical mirror 
 (+2, -1)  Aqua qlocq  Clock: Display: Water 
 (+2, -1)  Multi-colored liquids display the flow of time. 
 (+31, -2)(+31, -2)(+31, -2)  Around-the-Clock Hourglass Clock  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+31, -2)  The sands of time tell the time all the time. 
   Balancing Time  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+2, -2)  A clock that tilts scales to move the hands 
 (+4, -1)  Bicyclockle  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+4, -1)  Rolling, eternity chronograph 
   Billiard Time  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+2, -2)  “Now don’t miss this beautiful break,” droned Sporgenza. 
 (+2, -1)  Block Clock  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+2, -1)  The domino theory proven time and time again 
 (+2, -1)  Bubble Clock  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+2, -1)  time displayed on rising soap bubbles 
   Christmas Chlock  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (0)  Heat from candle or lamp drives holiday clock. 
   Clever Clock Clearance  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (0)  Our glass auction 
 (+1)  Clock of Blocks  Clock 
 (+1)  An intricate instrument under a playful surface 
 (+7, -1)  Compass Clock  Clock: Wristwatch: Combination 
 (+7, -1)  No need to ask directions or the time. 
 (+10, -2)(+10, -2)  Conical Coiled Candle Clock  Clock: Display: Light 
 (+10, -2)  Self-propelled wax helix to light the hours 
 (+1)  Cradle of Time  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+1)  Please view the linked drawing for better comprehension. 
 (+1)  Cranial Clock  Clock: Chime 
 (+1)  double-headed for the witching hour 
 (+2)  Cranking Out the Time  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+2)  purdy hurdy gurdy does time stamps 
 (+2)  Dead Grandfather Clock  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+2)  Unusual, peeing-ghost clock for the home or office 
 (+2)  Exploding Inverting Cube Clock  Clock: Chime 
 (+2)  clock face metamorphosis 
 (+2)  Fractal Clock  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (+2)  What has 13 faces and 39 hands? 
 (+2)  Gyro-Stroboscope Bubble Watch  Clock: Display: Light 
 (+2)  Phenakistoscope clock in a sphere 
 (+3)  H2O’Clock  Clock: Chime 
 (+3)  Dihydrogen monoxide chronometer fountain 
 (+15)(+15)  Heavenly Helium Hands  Clock: Display: Sky 
 (+15)  show the time 
 (+1)  Kaleidoklock  Clock: Display: Light 
 (+1)  Reflections on time and trinkets 
 (+6)  Magnetic, Digital Clock with Balls  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+6)  Minute, magnetic metal balls form the hour, minute and second digits 
 (+11)(+11)  m-Escher-ing time  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+11)  an impossible clock made possible 
   Neon-Numbered Timepiece  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (0)  Digital clock with transforming digits 
 (+2)  Newton’s Clock  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (+2)  see also diagram below for quicker comprehension 
 (+9)(+9)  Not another friggin’ clock?  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (+9)  ‘Fraid so, but this one’s unusual in that it’s spring driven. 
   Our Glass  Clock: Display: Figure 
 (0)  waiting time 
 (+1)  Our Glass, Ferrofluid Timepiece  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+1)  see time fly upwards 
   Palindrome Clock  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (0)  It’s digital, spherical and it rolls. 
 (+6)  Puzzling Time  Clock: Display: Digital 
 (+6)  A clock to watch 
 (+3)  Rocking Clock  Clock: Pendulum 
 (+3)  the clock pendulates, the pendulum stands still 
 (+11)(+11)  Sock Clock Ceiling Fan  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (+11)  and wall fan 
 (+4)  Soondial  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (+4)  Wall clock that shows the time with a sun, a rotating, spinning earth and a rotating moon 
 (+4)  Swinging Balls Pendulum Clock  Clock: Pendulum 
 (+4)  Use desktop toy as clock pendulum. 
 (+1)  Template Timepiece  Clock: Display: Light 
 (+1)  digital display with disks, light and shadow 
   The On-Time Steamboat  Clock: Display: Water 
 (+8, -2)  Thermochronometer  Clock: Display: Analogue 
 (+8, -2)  Analogue clock warms thermometers to show the time. 
 (+12)(+12)  Time-Goes-By Bracelet  Clock: Armband 
 (+12)  A bracelet-timepiece that tells time with moving strips 
 (+19, -1)(+19, -1)  What has snake hands and a cubic face?  Clock: Display: Figure 
 (+19, -1)  An Escheresque clock 
 (+8)(+8)  World Watch  Clock: Display: Rotation 
 (+8)  12 zones, 13 faces and 14 hands telling time 

FarmerJohn's Clocks: [edit]

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