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360 degree basketball

Floor, walls, ceiling
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Put hoops in the exact center of each of the four walls. Could also put one mid-court sticking up from the floor, and one hanging from the ceiling. Fix several cameras to the walls at good vantage points around the court.

Build the whole thing in a room that can rotate 360 degrees, and turn it during play. The spectators would not be able to sit in this arena, but the view from the cameras would be dizzying and faster paced than Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding.

a1, Jun 25 2021

Inspired by Upside_20Down_20Basketball
[a1, Jun 25 2021]

You're All The World To Me (Royal Wedding-1951) https://www.youtube...watch?v=CsoYyDlYU8M
[a1, Jun 25 2021]

How it was done https://www.youtube...watch?v=CNSHjZmvZTM
[a1, Jun 25 2021]


       //The spectators would not be able to sit in this arena// 5 point harnesses in every seat?
pocmloc, Jun 25 2021

       // seat harnesses ? //   

       Or gimbaled seating somewhere in the arena that wouldn’t interfere with play. Limited space so those would be top-dollar, premium seats.
a1, Jun 25 2021

       I think this would be pretty cool to apply to any sport for that matter. Logistics might be a bear but would be entertaining to see the players adjust to the court movement.
doctorremulac3, Jun 25 2021

       //apply to any sport// I'm not 100% convinced this would work for snooker or curling. Darts would be excellent if the rotation of the room was controlled by the opposing player to the one standing on the oche.
hippo, Jun 25 2021

       // any sport ? //   

       Any kind of swimming events would be off, too.
a1, Jun 25 2021

       No, I think swimming events would be fine - a bit sloshy, but basically fine or at least, no less dangerous or weird than any other sport
hippo, Jun 25 2021

       making towers from playing cards
pocmloc, Jun 25 2021

       stacking M&M candies.
a1, Jun 25 2021

       Here in NZ we have ACC.
wjt, Jul 11 2021


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