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Air bed alarm clock

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An inflatable mattress with a built-in pump connected to a smart alarm clock. At the appointed time, the bed deflates completely, optionally making a whistling noise. A few minutes later it starts to reinflate. If it detects that you are still in bed, it rapidly oscillates between inflating and deflating and also uses the airflow to make a variety of noises. Farts and belches seem obvious, but it could also make siren or foghorn noises.
a1, Jun 28 2024

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       Origin - Wife and I are shopping for a new bed and we're sleeping on an inflatable until we find the perfect mattress. Wife asked me to wake her up early tomorrow, which is always a challenge. I suggested I would let the air out of the bed.   

       She didn't think that was funny... and it probably isn't (to her, at least) - but with enough embellishment it seems pretty halfbaked.
a1, Jun 28 2024

       Using inflation zones, it could form a 45° slant and tip you right out of the bed. [+]
21 Quest, Jun 28 2024

       // zones //   

       I like it! I did think rapid pressure changes alone would be like the bed shaker alarm clock - but you've a different slant on it.
a1, Jun 28 2024

       <a little bit off topic>   

       Our native remedy is to drink a bunch of water before going to bed.
You will wake up early...
...or you are too old to be worrying about it.


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