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Alarm Clock Hat

Avoid disturbing others
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Credit to the Automatic commuter waker for firing up the ovens for me on this idea

If you are in an area where there are other people who do not want to hear an annoying beeping sound when your alarm goes off, such as a library, train or if you are sharing a room with people, then try the alarm hat. It is a normal hat (probably beanie would be most comfortable) with a small electronic clock hidden under a logo at the front with a small screen and buttons (including the reverse button for [notmarkflynn]) on the inside.

When the alarm goes off no alarm sounds. Instead, the front panel of the hat vibrates to let the person know when the alarm has gone off.

miasere, Jan 12 2006

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       So if you fall asleep face down on a library table, the incessant buzzing from your beanie will not be noticeable? What happens if your sleep movements slip the hat from your head? My mobile phone can be configured to vibrate for an alarm and it's a cheapo one! Sorry but I think i'll be hanging my alarm hat up there next to my asshat
Salmon Of Doubt, Feb 24 2006

       A watch that gives (strong ?) electric shocks would be as effective and a lot funnier to watch.
Flima, Jul 26 2007


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