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Amazon Prime Movers

They brought it in, they can help you move it out
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It's possible to completely furnish your home with stuff from Amazon.

So when it comes time to relocate: Go into your account profile to file a change of address, and check an option box for Amazon to pick up everything from your old place and deliver it to the new one on a given date.

They already know everything you've bought from them, they already have fleets of trucks on the road all the time - so many of the details another moving company would have to go over are already in place.

a1, Aug 18 2022

Save the original packaging https://ibb.co/1qdzkHp
[a1, Sep 02 2022]


       Could be a viable addition to their business; or a good side-hustle for their drivers...
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 18 2022

       Oh, and another thing… If you have a Ring security camera, any Echo or Alexa appliances, or a Roomba vacuum: Amazon has already has your floor plan and knows where everything is. So much easier for them (vs other movers) to figure out the best way to do the pickup.
a1, Aug 19 2022

       They probably have enough info to just show up on the correct day with the correct new address & the right sized truck/s, without you even asking for them.
<Un-announced, early knock...>
"Moving day, yes? We already have the keys from your estate agent. 2 smaller trucks instead of 1 big one due to the access to your new house. We have a specialist to take care of your Royal Doulton collection. Here's your coffee; milk, 2 sugars."
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 19 2022

       ... But I didn't know I was moving house!   

       I know sir, but the algorithms decided your new baby will need another room, your new job is much closer to the new place.   

       ...what new job? I'm happy with my old one. And we're not expecting a baby yet...?   

       Don't worry sir. Just come along with us. it'll all work out fine.
pocmloc, Aug 19 2022

       Would I need to have saved the original packaging?
whatrock, Aug 19 2022

       [whatrock] - yes - see link.
a1, Sep 02 2022


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