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Anatomy and Physiology of Discworld

In the spirit of "The Science of Discworld" books
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Discworld novels sometimes include snippets of information about various species physiology - troll's silicon brains, drawf's reproductive details, dragon's hearts, and so on.

"Anatomy and Physiology of Discworld" would be a University* text covering those and more details about various Discworld species - with a special emphasis on the Humans, which seem to be the strangest of creatures. Everything explained in terms that Dr. Mossy Lawn and any Wizard would understand - full of imps and alchemists running the bodily systems - but with side (and snide) comparisons of beliefs and terminology the Humans on Roundworld use to explain the same things.

* Seen or Unseen

a1, May 17 2023

No more Discworld books, but ... https://twitter.com.../606813259493187584
... adaptations, spin offs, tie-ins? [a1, May 17 2023]

Tiffany Aching's Guide To Being A Witch https://twitter.com...1657075339489574931
R.Pratchett collaborating with GabrielleKent , PaulKidby and PuffinBooks. [a1, May 17 2023]

Humanoid species of Discworld https://wiki.lspace...ld_humanoid_species
Overview, historical and cultural references. Only a few notes on biology [a1, May 18 2023, last modified Sep 17 2023]


       Excellent! Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyone qualified to write it.
bs0u0155, May 17 2023

       Likely and sadly so. Who are the heirs to Pratchett's literary estate, and are they trusting anyone enough to do new books? Or is it all unlicensed fan-fic these days?
a1, May 17 2023

       I'm not certain. But going by Pterry's instructions to destroy his unfinished works, I'm guessing he had instructions to prevent continuation of his work without his control.
bs0u0155, May 17 2023

       Now you made me look it up; Rhianna Pratchett didn't rule out adaptations and tie-ins. My suggested project might qualify as such, but it still would require a talented writer.
a1, May 17 2023

       But WAIT! She changed her mind? For a new TIffany Aching book? So there's hope...
a1, May 17 2023

       Sort of exactly like the Essential Guide to Alien Species for Star Wars?
21 Quest, May 17 2023

       // Essential Guide to Alien Species //   

       Haven't read it. Is it an anatomy and physiology text? Does it say much about humans? Does it treat them with in-universe jokes, things like effects of puberty hormones on midichlorian levels?   

       I think an A&P textbook could work for any alternate reality, but here I'm specifically interested in how humans are viewed in Discworld.
a1, May 17 2023

       LongTallShortFat Sally was one of Sir PTerry's most interesting un-fleshed-out characters: humanity's essential powerlessness in the face of natural processes, effects of the planets and the tides on humanity's history, that sort of thing. It'd've been a real novel for our times.   

       I'm also left hoping for the Pratchett-(Douglas)Adams collaborative novel about a modern-day Cassandra living next door to Lady Luck on one side, Chance and Probability on the other.   

Sgt Teacup, May 18 2023

       // Cassandra living next door to Lady Luck on one side, Chance and Probability on the other //   

       I suppose they get often together for elevensies and the girl talk includes a lot of laughing about men.   

       Wait, that's my wife's book group.
a1, May 18 2023


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