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Annoyingly bright security light

[Mark-for-expiry] as soon as I find this product exists ...
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From experience with the some security cameras we had, I know an outdoor flood light doesn’t always deter intruders -- but a bright light flashed at eye level does. I’ve looked in vain for a motion detecting security light with these characteristics, with the notion of mounting them at eye level on the back gate and along side our garage and doors to the house:

- Weatherproof!
- Powered by two AA batteries (preferably lithium cells like Eveready Ultimate)
- Triggered by PIR motion detector at close range
- LED with minimum 150 lumen
-- Hot-spot approximately 3’ in diameter at a distance of 10’
-- Optional setting for fast strobe or constant on
-- Stays on for 5-10 seconds after motion is no longer detected.

The security camera that inspired this idea was the original Blink indoor camera, circa 2014. These did not have infrared night vision, but used a fairly bright LED lamp. Over the years I’ve watched a few people walking towards the house at night (or in the wee hours of the morning), then raise their hand to their eyes and turn away when the camera lit up. Unfortunately, the last of my older Blink cameras finally failed yesterday, and the newer models don’t use a light like that.

Comparing specs of both the original Blink cameras and some popular LED flashlights, I think these lights could probably be brought to market for under $20 each.

I can’t find a light like I’ve described above anywhere – can you?

a1, Dec 21 2021

not sure if this checks every box... https://www.lorex.c...fsSuXRoC1zEQAvD_BwE
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 22 2021]

Photoreceptor sensitivity. https://www.yorku.ca/eye/specsens.htm
[bs0u0155, Dec 22 2021]

Close but no cigar https://www.homedep...BRRC11803/312529347
Small, cheap, battery operated. Not weatherproof, nor bright / tight-focused enough. [a1, Dec 23 2021]


       [2_fries] Thanks for the link, but it's not quite what I had in mind. I'm looking for a light, not a camera, not much bigger than its own battery enclosure, that can be mounted discreetly at eye level, inexpensive.   

       I was thinking of marketing it under the name "Opticaloppleganger," for no special reason, the name just sorta popped into my head.
a1, Dec 22 2021

       I like the general idea, although I think you've wildly underpowered it, in two ways. Firstly, a 150 lumen LED will pull in the region of 1.6A if you're using 3V fresh AA batteries. That's too much for the little blighters to handle without major Voltage sag. You need more oomph. The obvious answer is a couple of medium grade 18650s. But then you need a charging system and solar is weedy at the time of year you need lots of light. So go mains, but then you don't need batteries for the light (unless you want backup, which is smart).   

       So if you go mains, why not make it really annoyingly bright? A 150 lumen flashlight in your face is annoying, especially at night, but you can block a point source like that with your hand - as you describe, and you could carry on and you will get used to it - After all, we walk around in the midday sun and that's really very bright indeed ~5000- 10,000 lumens a square foot IIRC.   

       If we have a movement sensor that can track the object and modular steerable ~200W LEDs we can really get things cooking. 10 of those would get you to 16,000 lumens a square foot. That's appreciable. Much more than the sun, and we can do better, the sun wastes a lot of light outside the visual range. With LEDs we can cut the waste, even better to have a very "peaky" spectrum that hits right in the middle of our photoreceptor sensitivity bands <link>.   

       Pick about 525nm* or so, and your perceived brightness/lumen is going through the roof - I don't know how much, but 3x is likely very conservative.   

       You could make a security light that's perceived as 5x brighter than the sun, if you can get a focus of ~1square foot or so. You wouldn't advance toward that, you're night vision would be gone for... a while, and even the heating effect would be noticeable.   

       *I just worked out why they pick green for image intensifiers.
bs0u0155, Dec 22 2021

       2_fries. Re. the link. Personal experience suggests 1080p is woefully insufficient at distances measured in yards for ID purposes. It works ok for TV, because all the participants are well-lit and voluntarily standing close to a large lens professionally focused camera. Best to go 8MP/4k, and include low angles - all you need is a hat for top-down cameras.
bs0u0155, Dec 22 2021

       [bs0u0155], all of your suggestions have merit but you're basically designing to a different spec. What I have in mind is a package you could buy several of without breaking a $100.   

       I based the lumen rating off of my single AA cell Fenix E10 flashlight, which puts out a bit over 100 and is considerably brigher than the Blink camera was. I know it won't actually blind someone - but from experience (noted in original writeup) it's more than enough to discourage someone who isn't expecting it. Those I've caught on camera didn't keep coming or try to yank the camera off the mount - they just covered their eyes and left.   

       Based on the original Blink camera's battery life - over a year on a pair of Eveready lithium AA batteries - I expect this little wall-mounted flashlight of mine would do about as well. The lights wouldn't have a camera or wifi transmitter, they'd just light up, usually for less than a minute at a time, once in a while.
a1, Dec 22 2021

       Now, unlike some Canadians, some people actually do have neighbors.
RayfordSteele, Dec 22 2021

       Great minds think alike... I had the same idea some years ago, but not "pointing at a particular spot", more a massive flash of light over the whole area (whether "driveway or back yard or..." area; or "entire property at once" area I dunno). Temporary blindness would stop most people attempting thievery.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 23 2021

       // unlike some Canadians, some people actually do have neighbors. //   

       Yep, that’s why this idea is point defense instead of a broad area, and omits sound effects.
a1, Dec 24 2021


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