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Anti-gravity planar toaster

If bread could fall through a plane onto a plate and get toasted.
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This toaster would resemble a 3D printer i.e. mostly like a cube frame with an empty void. The surface at the top of the cube is where all the action happens as it has 1 to 4 slots to make toast, but the surface is only 1-2 cm thick.

This 1-2 cm conceals a lot of gubbins and activity, from high wattage heating elements to optical mouse movement sensors and vents for micro Dyson fans.

Ok, let's forget the heating for a bit and concentrate on the anti-gravity bread feeding mechanism that seems to balance slices of bread vertically as they are gently lowered through the slots:- The vertical orientation is managed by a moving a paddle to blow more air upwards across one or the other surface of a slice of bread. Modulating the total flow of air controls the sink rate through the slot.

Cameras to detect fingers and browning control the application of heat into the air currents allowing the user to select a deep light toast with a slow sink rate to a flash burn almost free-fall through the slot.

A slight rotational movement is imparted to the slice of toast so that it lands squarely on a plate at the base of the cube.

bigsleep, Nov 27 2018


       So, like one of those indoor sky-diving tubes, but for toast?
pertinax, Nov 28 2018

       // cube //   

       Cubes are good. [+]
8th of 7, Nov 28 2018


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