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Anti-protester video wall

How many protesters does it take to change a light bulb? None, protesters can't change anything.
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A huge wall of TVs, say 20 feet tall. On the protester’s side it would be steel, then a layer of sound-proofing foam, then on the other side it would be a wall of TVs. The TVs would display a giant composite image of a pre-recorded group of people that love whatever the people on the other side hate. You could also throw in some sound canceling speakers to even more silence the silly protesters.
thejini, Aug 02 2003

(?) A.N.S.W.E.R. INFILTRATED http://www.protestw...video_download.html
Read the transcript; watch on WMP or RO [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Preservationists or Arsonists? http://www.earthliberationfront.com
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Monkey Wrenching- violence or change? http://www.tealeafmag.com
Does monkeywrenching help or harm political change [tealeaf magazine, Oct 04 2004]


       Oh my... [thejini]. I don't know which planet you come from but where I live those who don't want the world surrounding them to be better are called losers, and those who repress others from expressing their ideas are called idiots.
Pericles, Aug 02 2003

       or the video could be of a U2 concert. Ironic?
thejini, Aug 02 2003

       //ironic// Not really, but it would certainly disperse me to the nearest pub.
Hell, I don't even know what you are talking about - If the TV screens are on the *inside* then why bother with the protesters?. Just keep people inside and show them pictures of an imaginary bad opposition 'outside the wall' in order to stir up a desired reaction. That would be a great...(Oh wait, we did this already).
gnomethang, Aug 02 2003

       [thumbwax]: How are those Earth Liberation people allowed to brag on their website about burning down houses and vandalizing SUV's? How come the FBI hasn't put them in a bag? Am I reading it wrong, or aren't they confessing to the commission of felonies?
snarfyguy, Aug 03 2003

       Gotta catch 'em first. The irony, of course, is that each time they destroy something, more resources are wasted and damage is done to the same environment/habitat they claim they're "protecting", yet they call themselves preservationists.
thumbwax, Aug 03 2003

       Ironically ELF is the name of an oil company.
chud, Aug 03 2003

       And this is precisely drugs are no substitute for dreams/sleep.
sartep, Aug 03 2003

       A few months ago, there was a protest out the front of where I work. As ignorant and full of rhetoric as they were, and despite the fact that it took our car about 20 minutes to travel a few metres, I must admit I got a kick out of working somewhere controversial.   

       So I don't think that I would want to have a giant screen obscuring my view of democratic idiocy at work.
Detly, Aug 03 2003

       I wasn't criticising democracy. I was saying that the idiocy was democratic, not that democracy was idiotic.   

       And, furthermore, I was only referring to that protest, not protests in general; and even more to the point, I was not saying they are idiots FOR protesting, I was saying that they were idiots that WERE protesting.
Detly, Aug 04 2003

       www.truthout.org protesters founded this country when england was still the rule here. no offense friends across the atlantic. also, burning SUV's isnt that big of a deal when you figure that car company's only make a profit on SUV's and light trucks. when you need to make a point, hit them where it hurts. why cant they test alternative fuels? think about it.
bobbye, Aug 04 2003

       Oh, please. Feed crap to rabbits, not me. Eco-Terrorism is Terrorism, impure and simple.
thumbwax, Aug 04 2003

       Brilliant retort, [detly]. I may use some or all of that some day.
lintkeeper2, Aug 04 2003

       //Eco-Terrorism is Terrorism// One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
doublebarrelledscissors, Aug 04 2003

       do we own Iraq, or did we liberate it? the words you just used tell the whole story. we as a people are afraid of the unknown. the unknown is what would happen if the public knew that the internal combustion engine is outdated and has been for years. just like the tobacco companys, the car manufacturers will fall someday. did you know that most chevy trucks are made in mexico, so are fords. that in itself goes to show that the manufacturers dont give a damn about the american people, they just want profits to be higher.keep being afraid of the unknown, its OK. follow the herd.   

bobbye, Aug 04 2003

       I should probably clarify. I'm not against protests. If something that you're doing gets to people so much that they're willing to protest... well, then either you can rip their argument to shreds, and so good for you, or you have to think about the point they're making and why you're doing what you're doing. Which a lot more people should be doing.   

       But I don't think [thejini] was being entirely serious, so I haven't fishboned it :P   

       You know, in the past, national leaders would directly address protesters, and argue with them about the issue. I can't imagine that happening now - at least not here. If this isn't baked, it may as well be.
Detly, Aug 04 2003

       //You know, in the past, national leaders would directly address protesters, and argue with them about the issue. // Maybe you haven't heard of the most popular cable news channel: Fox News. They have debates all the time with protesters and senators or members of the cabinet. Then we get a good laugh as the politicians //rip their argument to shreds//
thejini, Aug 05 2003

       I think protestors should know their audience and protest in the right place at the right time. About a year ago a Canadian university was trashed durring a protest trying to stop a Palestinian (sp ?) from speaking there.....   

       To me it seemed like they were protesting free speach, and in the process they trashed our school.   

       If you want to protest about Israel, Palestine, Iraq, France or Washington go there and protest, don't protest in a country that doesn't have anything to do with it and then trash it just because your mad....
SystemAdmin, Aug 05 2003

       That’s why we all need guns laws like Texas, where you can shoot someone who is damaging or stealing your property.
thejini, Aug 05 2003

       The only reason people assume the debates on Fox News are right-biased is because they are so used to the extremely left-biased media. On CNN a debate will have questions that help and hurt only one side. On Fox News they have an equal amount of questions that help and hurt both sides. They ask the tough questions of both sides. Fair and Balanced. If you get a chance, read “Bias”.
thejini, Aug 05 2003

       [thejini] First, we don't have Fox News here. Second, that wasn't what I meant. The environment of having a televised debate is somewhat different to a politician being approached on the street by a protester and being able to argue with them (rather than simply ignoring them). Broadcast debates are good, yes, but it's nice to see our politicians think on their feet.   

       [C Trebor] I was expressing a somewhat light hearted opinion that the protesters were idiots to make the point that even in the case that *I think* they're idiots I'd still rather see them than hide them. I deliberately didn't give the context, because this idea has nothing to do with WHAT the protestors are voicing.   

       If the protesters have an informed, valid case, then this idea is even worse, but even if they don't, it's still a bad idea.
Detly, Aug 05 2003

       //If the protesters have an informed, valid case, then this idea is even worse, but even if they don't, it's still a bad idea.//   

       Protests are a valid expression of sentiment. How the intended audience responds is up to them, but I expect most rational people to look after their own self interests.   

       In the Sound-Bite age, the target's inappropriate response to a protest can leave as lasting an image as the protest itself.
FloridaManatee, Aug 05 2003

       Yikes. These guys are right in my backyard. (Macomb Co).
RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2003

       //Protests are a valid expression of sentiment.//   

       I disagree. Causing traffic delays is one thing, but the protest I metioned above caused delays in medication being delivered to cancer patients.
Detly, Dec 30 2003


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