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Anti hand-ball shirt

Automated shirt to avoid hand-ball penalties
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Some things in football are quite bizarre. The last time I played (many decades at school), I was surprised that players could barge or block, or that sneaky trick of bouncing the ball off you to get a throw-in.

Worst of all is the accidental collision between hand and ball which results in a free kick or penalty.

Sometimes there is no moving out of the way of a short range fast football, but contact with the arm or hand results in some kind of penalty either way.

The solution to the problem and also a lack of high-tech on the field is to have a shirt with piping around the shoulder (for piping read det-cord). An electronics package predicts the path of the ball and if there is no escaping contact with hand or arm, the det-cord is fired thus the offending appendages are not owned by the player at the time of impact.

bigsleep, Jul 11 2016


       I can see a flurry of strategic kicking during the first 10 minutes of the game. [+]   

       edit. Disarming the competition. Ha!
whatrock, Jul 11 2016

       [8th] is going to be all over this like ketchup on a quiche.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2016

       <whirr of sewing machine>   

       The prototype is now ready for testing.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2016

       //Worst of all is the accidental collision between hand and ball which results in a free kick or penalty.//   

       Wrong. Only /deliberate/ handling is penalized in soccer. Accidental handling isn't a foul.   

       If the arms are in a natural position, and the ball moves quickly towards a player and touches his hand before he can move it out of the way, handling shouldn't be called.   

       Also, this wouldn't even help, because there is a ruling that any thrown object is an extension of the hand. A flying arm would almost certainly be judged to have been “thrown” from the body.
ytk, Jul 11 2016

       "Propelled from the corpse" might be better phrasing.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2016

       //Accidental handling isn't a foul.//   

       Difficult to tell for me in live games. With saturation viewing of football it might get easier, but apparently its not easy for the ref either. The ref should have some radio earbuds to wait for a replay decision if not clear.   

       Why isn't there a "if you pass it back around fecking defence one more time ..." rule ?
bigsleep, Jul 11 2016

       It's very easy for the referee to tell. Whether handling is deliberate or not is in the opinion of the referee. By definition, then, if the referee penalizes handling, it was deemed to be deliberate.   

       And there are no replay decisions in soccer. The referee can get advice from the ARs, but that's it.
ytk, Jul 11 2016

       You can tell the experienced professionals - They are armless.
popbottle, May 27 2017


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