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Art Pro

An idols type show using art instead of music
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The contestants would initially be required to submit a portfolio of eleven works of art, including one ceramic object, one pencil sketch, one still life in mixed media, one portrait in the medium of their choice, one relief sculpture (to be submitted in photographic form with proof of ownership, eg, signature), one al fresco or graffiti (also submitted in photographic form), one landscape, one Surrealist work in oils, one Absurdist/Dadaist sculpture, one Pop Art work, and ONE computer generated work.

The resulting pick, of 11 contestants, would appear one at a time, in no particular order (draw names out of a beret, if you like) , and be given a limited choice of subject matter and media to work with, and they'd have, say, ten or fifteen minutes to execute an artwork of a specified size in front of a live studio audience and seven judges.

The contestants would be briefed before the show on their appointed task, so that they'd have time to prepare themselves for it. They'd also be allowed to choose a (preferably musical) soundtrack to accompany them as they worked.

There could also be some team efforts in between the 11 single- contestant episodes. For instance, two or three artists getting together to plan their own live action 10/15 minute artwork.

Guest artists, like James Beckett, Jasper Johns, or Astrid Dahl could also feature...just to drag it out a bit and let the producers get their money's worth, or just to help the whole shebang be as epic a fail as possible...who knows...

Edie, Mar 06 2018

A landscape wot I did a few days ago https://flic.kr/p/229h6LN
Snowing [Ian Tindale, Mar 06 2018]


       This is of limited appeal, but would be interesting for those who like it.
8th of 7, Mar 06 2018

       i like it! (said the fat German tourist in the cool pool at Planet Baobab in Botswana)...
Edie, Mar 06 2018

       This would solve the question of which art is correct and which others aren’t worth bothering looking at.   

       There should be a similar facile television competitive show for poetry, so we know which one is good poetry, and also one for commuting, so we know the best way to commute, and another one for birdwatching, so that we know which is the best person at it.
Ian Tindale, Mar 06 2018

       // one for birdwatching, so that we know which is the best person at it. //   

       Celebrity Death Match between Bill Oddie and The Duke Of Attenborough.
8th of 7, Mar 06 2018

       //one landscape// I assume that this one should also be submitted photographically?
pocmloc, Mar 06 2018

       It would be more entertaining if the artist was required to bring the actual landscape.   

       Some shovelling might be required.   

       // the fat German tourist in the cool pool at Planet Baobab in Botswana //   

       Moron ... if he had any sense, this time of year he'd be off down to Paarl to pop a few corks ...
8th of 7, Mar 06 2018

       that's if they got a grape harvest at all this year...what with the cape drought...but i suppose there's always lots of wine in the cellars... i wouldn't know. my alcohol consumption is limited to one or two (dutch) beers a month...the life of a voluntary exile...
Edie, Mar 06 2018


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