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Automate HB searches

Using Siri shortcuts or Alexa Skills
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Build HB views and searches with voice commands in iOS or Android, let Siri or Alexa read you a summary of the results.


"Alexa, how many halfbakery ideas has joe_user posted in the past year?
—joe_user has posted 59 ideas in the past year
"How many of his ideas have I commented on?
—You have commented on 24 of his ideas.
"How many of them have I voted on, in favor or against?"
—You have voted on 10 of them, 6 in favor, 4 against.

a1, Nov 12 2021

https://www.halfbakery.com/user/joe_user [pocmloc, Nov 12 2021]

Use 'views' to get HB info https://www.halfbak...orial/viewhelp.html
[xaviergisz, Nov 12 2021]


       Why would you want to know any of that?
xenzag, Nov 12 2021

       Those are just example searches suggest by a chance comment someone else made. But I do sometimes search for ideas in given categories with keywords, timeframes, to see if there's relevant prior art, etc. There are also patent search sites with arcane interfaces and this concept might be extendible for them.
a1, Nov 12 2021

       I thought automating the searches would just constantly issue random words to the search box, generating page after page of search results that no human wanted or could ever read, overloading the server, bringing own the halfbakery and half the internet that pigggybacks on it, leading to financial crises, global power cuts, mass panic, nuculer war, breakdown of civilisation, cannibalism, famine, asteroid strike, and other things.
pocmloc, Nov 12 2021

       To be serious for a minute, there used to be a facility to add custom search thingys to firefox, I remember having halfbakery alongside google and ebay in my search thingy some years ago.   

       Also I don't think there is a 'baker called joe_user on the halfbakery.
pocmloc, Nov 12 2021

       // I don't think there is a 'baker called joe_user on the halfbakery //   

       Well, there certainly SHOULD be. I went for a short and easy to type pseudonym on my own behalf.   

       // I remember having halfbakery alongside google and ebay in my search thingy some years ago //   

       A basic search is pretty easy, almost the same as Google. It's when you get into building custom views that it gets harder to script. And doing it by voice and hearing summarized results sounded like a fun project.
a1, Nov 12 2021

       I read "Animate HB searches"; watch a dizzying succession of idea illustrations flash past as the search engine runs. Of course, the illustrations would have to exist first.   

       Also, animate the annotations in the form of surreal figures engaged in a furious pillow fight, while other surreal figures got distracted and went off on tangents.
pertinax, Nov 12 2021


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