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Automated Bartender for online conversations

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Nothing lubricates political debate or many other conversations as well as ethanol. Maybe caffeine, but it's a distant second.

But for many online conversations we're cloistered at our own homes instead meeting together at a pub. So we all need our own robot bartender to serve drinks. These could be as anthropomorphic as C3PO or as utilitarian as R2D2, as long as they kept the drinks flowing in each home office.

a1, Nov 15 2023

Partly inspired by Short Circuit cocktail scene https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wxQE7Hf_oOE
[a1, Nov 15 2023]

But also by Mae in Ted Lasso https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EcApk2Yu4xU
I wish they had used her character more, I liked her [a1, Nov 15 2023]


       The robot bartender AND robot server concept have been done to death in sci-fi. To use it while one happens to be conversing online doesn't seem to be much of an idea... but it could be made so. You've inspired me sir.
21 Quest, Nov 15 2023

       // done to death //   

       Sorry about that, you are of course correct. But I got interrupted while writing last night and didn't get to the innovation I meant to include.   

       This isn't just one robot bartender. It's a distributed network of bartenders - one at each home or office of folks who wish to simulate gathering at a bar. Each unit is aware of the ongoing conversation(s) and behaves with a unified, single personality. The intended effect is that no matter how many units there are, nobody will think on any one of them as their own, personal servant but rather as a singular bartender serving a large group.   

       Even as I type that I feel there's some nuance that I can't quite get in to words. May need to resume after a bit more caffeine. Or ethanol, depending on what time of day I get back to it.
a1, Nov 15 2023

       //a bit more caffeine. Or ethanol//   

       Better have an Irish coffee, to be on the safe side.   

       Beep boop.
pertinax, Nov 15 2023

       Maybe you could hire a human bartender like you hire a DJ for a function. 4-hour gig, serving you stuff from your own stock. “Would you like another, sir?” “Mr. Pertinax would like to buy you an Irish Coffee, Mr a.”
minoradjustments, Nov 15 2023

       A human bartender? Hired? I don't think you're clear on the concept here.
a1, Nov 15 2023


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