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Bathroom fan auto-switch & timer

Stop me if you've heard this one already
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The common bathroom fan has been extensively studied on HB, but I might have one new addition...

A switch to activate the exhaust fan as soon as you lift the toilet lid, and leave it running for a few minutes after you close it. Runtime determined by capacity of the fan and how long it takes to vent the volume of air in the bathroom. This could be an auxiliary switch for the existing fan, or part of a system including an additional fan specifically for venting odors.

a1, May 19 2021

Japan toilets – the world’s coolest most high-tech http://japantravela...-coolest-high-tech/
[a1, May 21 2021]

The_20Restaurant_20...-Altering_20Cuisine [hippo, May 21 2021]


       What if you always leave the lid up?
RayfordSteele, May 20 2021

       Then the fan would always run.
a1, May 20 2021

       So that's what ultimately dooms the universe into a premature heat death, then. Someone left the toilet lid up. Figures.
RayfordSteele, May 20 2021

       [+] How about just a pressure sensor on the seat.
When you're #1 you don't need fans...

       ...unless you've been eating asparagus (logically the fan should change its behaviour during the asparagus season)
hippo, May 20 2021

       // asparagus //   

       dammit hippo, you beat me to it - again! our own asparagus haven't been doing well this year but our next door neighbor lets us have his. His wife doesn't like the smell.   

       He could enjoy his asparagus if only he'd install my "Bathroom fan auto-switch & timer." Needs a catchier name before putting it on the market though.
a1, May 20 2021

       Based on recent topics it seems to me that the HB has a deficit of knowledge about the capabilities of Japanese toilets.
DIYMatt, May 21 2021

       [a1] Ha!

Not everyone has the ability to smell asparagus in urine, and not everyone produces the asparagus smell in their urine after eating asparagus - both of these are governed by genetics. Thus there are four kinds of people (1: Non-smelly urine/unable to detect smell; 2: Non-smelly urine/can detect smell; 3: Smelly urine/unable to detect smell; 4: Smelly urine/can detect smell;). Which group(s) you and the rest of your family fit in, and how much you care about them, will influence which configuration of the fan's logic you have.
hippo, May 21 2021

       [hippo]! I bow to your superior knowledge of urine, and will include DNA sampling kits in the product packaging.
a1, May 21 2021

       [a1] ...which reminds me (see link)
hippo, May 21 2021


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