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Blanket Yanker

We can do this the easy way, or the hard way ...
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A small device under the foot of the bed with cables and clips attached to the end of the blanket. When it's time to wake up, a motor whips the covers off the bed. That's the easy way.

If the sleeper does not prove they're awake (by getting out of bed to push a button), the device slowly raises the end of the bed approximately a foot off the ground and suddenly drops it. That's the hard way.

Both methods - applied singly or sometimes together - were proven effective when our offspring were teenagers. The machinery just makes it easier on the parents.

a1, Jun 15 2021

The reverse... https://www.youtube...watch?v=qzNZrFhBeoY
Self-making Duvet [neutrinos_shadow, Jun 15 2021]

Wallace's method https://www.youtube...watch?v=pqGTtFIZm5Y
Why not simply be dropped through the ceiling into your trousers? [RayfordSteele, Jun 16 2021]

An easy attachment to add to this device Roller_20Blind_20ty...Blanket_20Dispenser
Roller Blind Sheet and Blanket Dispenser [AusCan531, Jun 17 2021]

Free Fall Alarm Clock Free_20Fall_20Alarm_20Clock
[AusCan531, Jun 17 2021]


       [neutrinos_shadow], that self-making duvet is briliiant, thanks!   

       And it triggers an even older memory. When I was a kid, I read a story (or series?) that included a character who would have fit right in on HB, always making gadgets. One was a way to quickly make his bed - strings and pulleys to draw the covers up. That was probably lurking in the back of my mind when I posted this idea.   

       Other inventions included a newspaper launcher for delivery boys on bicycle, and an improvised flashlight (passed through a transom window for his sister when she accidentally got locked in a closet).   

       I'll stop rambling for a little while now and check the local library trying to confirm what book that was. Possibly "Henry and the Clubhouse" by Beverly Cleary ...
a1, Jun 15 2021

       hmmm... library says there were at least 6 "Henry" books... not sure if the "clubhouse" one had the bed-making invention but it was certainly one in the series.   

       Henry never made an bed UN-maker though, that idea is MINE.
a1, Jun 15 2021

       Just get a dog, that's what my parents used to use, they'd just open the door & let the dogs into my room, a couple of full grown Labradors leaping onto the bed without a care in the world where their feet land & slobbering over your face is an unsurprisingly effective method of alerting a reluctant teen to the idea that it's time to get up.   

       But I like this idea too, it's satisfyingly over complicated ;)
Skewed, Jun 15 2021

       // Just get a dog //   

       That works too. Alas, our golden retriever only filled that role for a few years until he was too old and tired himself to jump onto the bed. We never got another, after the day we couldn't wake him up.
a1, Jun 16 2021

       //We never got another//   

       Assuming you (unlike me) have the space I recommend my grandparents method, they always had two, one old one young (always Alsatians for some reason), it doesn't hit so hard when one goes that way (well, it does, but not for as long) & it's easier to bring yourself to get another to 'keep the other company' while you're out.   

       Two are capable of far more mischief than one however :)
Skewed, Jun 16 2021

       // if you have space ... have two //   

       We might have, twenty years ago... but when our offspring grew up and away, we downsized. Don't have to get either of them out of bed anymore either. The only person I have to wake these days is my wife, and a manual blanket-yanking with maniacal laughter suffices if gentler methods fail.   

       I use that sparingly though. Paybacks are hell.
a1, Jun 16 2021

       Some of these aspects are halfbaked. [links]
AusCan531, Jun 17 2021

       Yep, [AusCan531] that free-fall alarm clock is definitely “the hard way” I described. Combining with blanket yanking is my only contribution to the advancement of science.
a1, Jun 17 2021

       Try saying blanket-yanker five times fast.   

       //Try saying blanket-yanker five times fast//   

       I tried and fell off of my chair.
AusCan531, Jun 17 2021

       You have to start with blankie-yankie and work your way up.   

       It keeps morphing into Yakkity Sax.
AusCan531, Jun 17 2021

       Special model available only in Connecticut: Blankee Yankee.
a1, Sep 03 2021


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