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Breadboard with flexi connector socket

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A conventional breadboard for doing the usual stuff, i.e., plugging resistors, capacitors, 555s, switches, pots, more capacitors and lots of little coloured bits of wire into. Except that this breadboard also has a section at one end where an amount of the connector sockets go out beyond the bus rails and narrow together to form a neat and reliable edge connector for common ribbon / flexi connector pitches.

Useful for plugging the Raspberry Pi 2 camera connector into so that experiments on the MIPI CSI-2 lanes can be performed, ultimately culminating in a viable twin HD/SDI video input to the Pi's onboard H.264 encoder to allow it to act as a hardware keyer for HD signals, the composite result of which would then be output to the onboard HDMI port. Or similar such experiments for people less busy and tired than I am.

Ian Tindale, Apr 18 2015


       I'm pretty sure that you can buy (or, failing that, make) breakout adaptors like this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2015


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