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Bring the shops to the station

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Shopping involved going from your house to the shops, wherever the shops are. Typically the shops would all be grouped into the high street, or equivalent if you live in a weird country. You have to get up off your arse, go to the bus stop or tube station, go to wherever the shops are, and buy your stuff.

Online shopping rose up and prevented this in several ways. Supermarket shopping involves using a polluting internal combustion powered lorry or what is effectively a tractor to drag the products to you. The other way is you order stuff from amazon or eBay and it wends its way from china if it hasn't broken on the way to you, by surprise, some time after you've forgotten you ordered it, and it turns up when you're not in.

Telecommuting is a related concept, involving not having to turn up to go to a workplace, and yet strangely, there is work to do. You simply do it from home. This can even involve being occasionally clothed, although usually obviously doesn't. The idea is that you dodge all the expense of taking the tube to work. Also, the time involved is spent doing something other than commuting.

This idea is simple. Bring the shops to you. Online shopping could involve buying something from a shop, then a few minutes later (or more likely, hours), the shop appears when you open your front door. The shop has made its way from wherever it started from, to wherever it ends up, if that's not too obvious a statement. The shop can be dragged all the way to you. Automatonically.

Ian Tindale, Aug 19 2017


       Are you talking about the Fortnum's van?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 19 2017

       The whole shop
Ian Tindale, Aug 19 2017

       I like the idea of the high street on one side of a slide rule and the housing the other.
bigsleep, Aug 19 2017


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