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Browsing History Replacement

Don’t erase it, replace it!
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Some people think “clearing” their browser history is a useful way to hide their tracks - from an employer, a spouse, or the police. But anyone with a background in computer forensics will tell you erasing something is as good as shouting “Look what I did!” A recently emptied cache sticks out like a sore thumb and “erased” data is recoverable even from solid state drives.

What you really need is a browser history “overwrite.” Repopulate your history with valid, acceptable sites. Ideally there should be a few you really visit when not engaged in one-handed reading, but if there aren’t enough of those then at least some that won’t land you in the unemployment line, divorce court, or jail. It should also, as much as possible, write this data back over the actual disk or memory blocks that the original cache occupied.

It may only fuddle your adversaries for a little while, but that might buy you enough time to make your getaway.

a1, Jun 09 2021

Inspired by Emergency_20_27alib...0for_20porn_20sites
[a1, Jun 09 2021]




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