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Bug-zapping ceiling

Electrified mesh on ceiling and upper portion of walls
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Cover entire ceiling of a room - and possibly the wall within a foot or so of the ceiling, with a bug zapper electrified mesh. When the buggers go high to evade your reach, they bump into the mesh and fry.

Would also discourage spiders from building webs in the high corners.

kdf, Aug 21 2020

Not compatible with cooking or heating fuels https://www.bbc.com...rld-europe-54051423
[kdf, Sep 06 2020]


       Spiders are good   

       Could have the mesh descend at regular intervals to sweep the entire space
pocmloc, Aug 21 2020

       Sweep the entire space? That's someone else's idea...
kdf, Aug 21 2020

       You have to admit it would be better, though
pocmloc, Aug 21 2020

       "Better" depends on what you want to accomplish.
kdf, Aug 21 2020

       Total extermination of the opposition.
8th of 7, Aug 21 2020

       But 8th, then you’d have no one else to play with. You wanna spend the rest of your days just playing with yourself?
kdf, Aug 21 2020

       It's worked out fine so far.
8th of 7, Aug 21 2020


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