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Built by Robot, Disassembled by Hand

A product standard that ensures a product can be disassembled and reassembled by hand
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Product standards are not only a great way to ensure consistent quality, but also to provide step change in choice. For example, veggies covered in pesticides vs natural pest control techniques, or products with fair trade vs without.

Similarly we could create a standard which people could look for in shops, a small logo indicating the device can easily be disassembled by hand (so its easily recyclable) and repairable. States and countries could then offer all kinds of programs to promote different standards.

For example, a state could offer tax incentives to buy cars, tvs and other goods that have the 'repairable' logo. This could count towards any carbon zero goal by reducing energy use imported into the state inside products and reducing the energy it takes to recycle, possibly by incentivizing businesses that repair, strip and recycle goods.

bigsleep, May 02 2021

Right to repair movement https://www.youtube...watch?v=tr3nZpNHWnw
This standard would be useful to them [bigsleep, May 02 2021]

iFixit post from February 2020 https://www.ifixit....ty-standard-en45554
A standard rating system already exists, though not well known or internationally adopted yet. [a1, May 02 2021]


       Approved! A range of simple "dismantling" symbols similar to those provided for ironing and washing instructions for clothes might also be created to indicate the tools needed, and the amount of potential rage involved. e.g. Apple products can be taken apart, but with great difficulty, using special tools, so the rage symbol would be at the high end.
xenzag, May 02 2021

       //simple "dismantling" symbol//   

       A triangle of green arrows to represent recyclable / reusable (as already used right?) with with a wrench or spanner inside them?   

       The number of little spanners below this symbol would indicate what level of dismantle / repair ease the product complies with.   

       A 5 'star' (spanner?) system perhaps
Skewed, May 02 2021

       The ease with which it's done often depends on the availability of components & parts, replacing a transmission belt is easy but imagine if you had to make the transmission belt first, so I presume that has to be factored into the system as well?   

       Funny story, I only ever paid for a transmission belt to be fitted once, was around 18 or 19 iirc, the guy in the shop said it's fine just needs a new transmission belt (MOT test) & I said "a transmission belt what's that?" to myself so asked him to fit it for me & watched while he fitted a fan belt while feeling very silly, I'd just never heard it called a transmission belt b4.
Skewed, May 02 2021

       Reuse is much, much better than recycle. [+]
Voice, May 02 2021

       + makes sense. I always re-use when possible.
xandram, May 02 2021

       It there were some kind of dissolvable solder then circuit boards could be a bit easier to manage.
RayfordSteele, May 02 2021

       //BS EN 45554:2020//   

       That's a nice find. So it exists and it just needs a logo thing to go on products. It's this kind of thing that tells me only sometime decades or centuries from now will society have its shit together. May 2020 to reach the first draft of a repair standard !   

       //A 5 'star' (spanner?) system//   

       The linked iFixit article mentions levels A) through E).
bigsleep, May 02 2021

       // nice find. //   

       Thank you. I wanted to link the full standards document but it’s rather dense reading. The iFixit article sums it up well enough.
a1, May 02 2021


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