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Camouflaged Cat Flap

So it doesnt look like youve just got a whole in your door.
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Cat/Dog flap made to look like the door. I need this because my cat comes in to wake me up in the morning, by scratching on the bedroom door and calling loudly. When I open the door he runs in and lies down in the warm bit (ie the bit where I was sleeping). I have been told not to put a cat flap in the door, as they are nice doors (...?), so I need one that doesnt show up. Would also be good if you have a nice oak front door, or something that shouldnt really have a hole put into it.
miasere, Apr 07 2003

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       Yeehaw miasere! um, whole?
How about an extension for the nice door, whereby the nice door is actually open, but top and side are covered by *whatever* that has a cat/dog flap at the bottom? This would prevent drafts n' stuff.
thumbwax, Apr 07 2003

       'Twas a flap when I cut out a hole.
But camouflage now makes it look whole.
Through the earlier flap
Came the cat in to nap.
Now he yammers outdoors like a troll.
FarmerJohn, Apr 07 2003

       My cats are so lazy, they scratch and wait for soeone to open the flap.   

       Anyway, why not have a flap built-in properly. Put it on a ledge accessible by a small leap from a brick wall. Makes sense if you're a cat.   

       For your bedroom door, but a sensor than opens the door a fraction if something at cat height lingers out side. Be sure to turn it off if you are making out and the in-laws have come to stay (and particularly if the wife's away too).
FloridaManatee, Apr 07 2003

       Yeah, you wouldn't want to get caught making out with the cat.
Apologies to [The Kat]
Don Quixote, Apr 07 2003

       is *camoflaged* an American spelling?
po, Apr 07 2003

       po: No.   

       Given this is an inside door, it is such an imposition to sleep with the door open? (In my experience, whatever side of a door a cat is on, it's the wrong side.)
DrCurry, Apr 07 2003

       It's a homeland security thing.
bristolz, Apr 07 2003

       Get a dog they are usually intelligent enough to open the door for their elf.
silverstormer, Apr 07 2003

       I am wondering if you camoflage this bloody thing, us Kats won't know they are there. Don, I have my beady eye on you - watch it. Esecially when I have one half of me inside the catflap and my arse sticking out on the other side, unattended if you know what I mean.
The Kat, Apr 07 2003

       I guess the cats would get used to the door, and would know where the flap is.   

       [DrCurry] I dont like sleeping with the door open, and the cat is kept downstairs until about 7am. I shut the door behind it, and it normally leaves via the window. Sometimes it comes in via the window aswell, but thats normally at about 3am, just to make sure I would wake up if there were burglars(cats are very smart, and are always testing their owners home security measures)
miasere, Apr 07 2003

       If your cat was so smart, she'd take a key. ;)
DrCurry, Apr 07 2003

       She did - I had to change the locks
miasere, Apr 07 2003

       Cats. harumph.   

       No good.   

       But as an admirer of nice stuff (including doors), I like the idea. +
wugah, Apr 07 2003

       *obligatory what-if-the-cat-gets-stuck question*
LoneRifle, May 14 2003

       Should be easy enough to bake. Here's your first post-crash bun.
Worldgineer, Oct 15 2004


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