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Category filter

A line of text above 'category , pick one'
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Anything you type in this line does a substring match and filters the list.
mylodon, Nov 17 2022

Category List https://www.halfbak...dn=10:ds=3:n=:i=:t=
[a1, Nov 17 2022]


       Did you know if you click in the category list and just type a letter, it will jump to that section of the list? At least if you have a keyboard. Doesn't work on iPad or iPhone. So [+] for you.
a1, Nov 17 2022

       That works for high level categorization but not stuff lower in the hierarchy. So if you aren't sure if something goes in product or science or whatever, you still need to scroll and scroll.   

       Workaround has been to view source and do a search with firefox.   

       Another option would be just one page with all categories listed. Then you can do a quick scan and search on that page.
mylodon, Nov 17 2022

       // one page with all categories listed //   

a1, Nov 17 2022

       I've been wanting that for a decade at least. Thank you!
mylodon, Nov 17 2022

       Ask [jutta] to put it in the Idea sidebar?
a1, Nov 17 2022

       Its already in the sidebar for me, there's a way to add it there when you are logged in. I must ave done it last time this was discussed about 100 years ago.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2022

       // already in the sidebar for me //   

       Yes - when you open the link I gave the page has an [edit] link at top. Hit that and scroll to bottom, there’s an option to save it for your own use. Being able to DIY is likely why [jutta] never made it a built-in for everyone…   

       Assumes all HB-ers can figure out how to do it or lucky enough for someone to show them.
a1, Nov 18 2022

       Ooo. Done. How useful.
mylodon, Nov 18 2022


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