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Cellphone Camera Cloche

For quality photographs of small objects...
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Coins, pocket watches, dead bugs, etc...

[Mark-For-Expiry] This has *got* to exist, somewhere. But I haven't been able to find one quite as described - had to make my own by cutting the bottom off of an empty* plastic milk jug.

The cloche is a dome of thin, translucent HDPE, with an opening at the top to accomodate a cellphone camera. Small flexible arms made of plastic around the opening can adjust to hold almost any size cellphone in the correct position.

To use: Place the subject to photograph on a table. Place the cloche over it, with two or more lamps arranged around it. These diffuse through the plastic so the subect is lit evenly, without harsh shadows or glare. Attach the cellphone camera to focus through the opening in the top. Focus and shoot - ideally with a time delay or remote shutter control so you don't shake the camera.

I've found some light tents and gadgets ALMOST like this, but each are deficient in some ways. Any suggestions?

* otherwise, it makes quite a mess.

a1, Dec 18 2021


       You could propose a plastic milk carton that doubles up as a mini diffuser when empty of contents, with a few added "cut here" lines to facilitate the transformation. [+]
xenzag, Dec 18 2021


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