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Chocolate Showers

Chocolate dispensers by the showers
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One thing I love is to relax in a hot bath with a glass of good red wine. If I can't be arsed running a bath though, I have a shower. Somehow the wine thing gets a bit difficult here, so I often keep a bar of chocolate just by the shower and devour it chunk by chunk. The combination of being enveloped in a hot spray whilst savouring the dark stuff is a sensory nirvana, trust me.

So why not install choco dispensers in public showers, e.g. swimming pools, gyms etc.? For a coin of your own currency, you get a bite sized chunk from the dispenser that's right beside the skooshy soap. It'd make a killing. Mmmmmm.

saker, Jan 26 2004

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       oh I thought this was a shower of warm melted chocolate...   

       never mind!
po, Jan 26 2004

       Thinks about Baby Ruth bar in swimming pool. Thinks about melted chocolate dispensed from behind the warmed tiles. Thinks about wrappers in the public shower... [saker], I can't bun this one. I want to, but I can't. This should be for home use only.
k_sra, Jan 26 2004

       No wrappers, [k_sra]. Choccy dispensed only in bite size bits straight from refrigerated unit in tiles. At a height the pesky ankle biters can't get at 'em...
saker, Jan 26 2004

       And you commonly carry pocket change into the shower? Big fat fishbone, good grief!
DrCurry, Jan 26 2004

       [DrCurry], you carry a locker key though. A coin or two could be fitted in the little rubber straps the keys commonly come in no problem.   

       [benfrost], that depends on what type of bars you frequent...
saker, Jan 26 2004

       I agree with [k_sra], this should be for home use only. You could just buy a despenser that could suction cup to the side fo your shower. FIll with peanut butter M&M's. Yum!
babyhawk, Jan 26 2004

       Just gotta be careful about which one goes in your mouth, and which on the washcloth. (Ooh, la, la! Chocolate body paint!)
spacecadet, Jan 26 2004


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