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Clickbait retort

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Every time someone says something, point at them and say “clickbait” with a tone of disdain in your voice and dismissively move away without saying another thing.

That’d liven up a party.

Ian Tindale, Aug 29 2015


       <disdain> clickbait </disdain>
wjt, Aug 29 2015

       //liven up a party// or kill it stone dead. One or the other.
pertinax, Aug 30 2015

       Hey there, stop dismissively walking away from me, [wjt], that's very rude.
blissmiss, Aug 30 2015


       A clickbait retort technology could be a web browser extension that submits a large number of requests for click- bait-y websites, effectively performing a crowdsourced denial-of-service attack against time-wasting content.
sninctown, Sep 01 2015

       "crowdsourced denial-of-service" turns this into a desirable browser plug-in.
Tulaine, Sep 01 2015

       Likewise, when someone starts going on about how great their new iPhone/ car/ bicycle/ etc. is, just say "Adblock".
hippo, Sep 01 2015

       [blissmiss] Are you sure I'm the target here? I suppose it depends if you like the idea or not.
wjt, Sep 02 2015

       Sure I'm sure. You said "clickbait". and then did what [Ian] said you would do. Right Mr. [wjt]?
blissmiss, Sep 02 2015

       [blissmiss] True, And on my return found no lively party thread,[pertinax] was right. The idea, which I tested, has proved to be lacking as I suspected.
wjt, Sep 05 2015

       There's a trappist nit-picking party over at mine. But you have to bring your own trapp.
pertinax, Sep 07 2015


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