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Clone-A-Willy app

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NB: This capability is almost certainly available to professional sex toy designers, but what I'm suggesting us a DIY kit at home.

There are kits available that let a guy stick his member into a tube filled with some kind of modeling putty to make the mold, then withdraw and pour in silicone plastic to make the replica.

It would be easier to use the scanning capabilities on modern cellphone to get the original impression, then print the final form on a 3D printer. You could also artistically enhance and enlarge (or even reduce, if that's your kink) the finished product, or create a precision shaped hollow inside for a specific vibrator or other mechanisms.

The kit would include an or apps to run on your phone both for image capture and integration to existing 3D printers. It may also include a full 3D printing hardware setup with a suitably large build platform. For those who can't afford the full hardware kit, they could email their scan to a production house like Shapeways and have it run off for an additional fee.

a1, Sep 16 2022

Don't try this at home https://www.menshea...one-a-willy-review/
[a1, Sep 16 2022]

Ouch. https://en.wikipedi...licer_(3D_printing)
[a1, Sep 16 2022]

time this was aired Desktop_20Cock_20Block
[DenholmRicshaw, Sep 18 2022]


       Somehow, a bone just seems.... Appropriate.
21 Quest, Sep 16 2022

       Try not to think about what they call the software that converts the 3D object model to specific instructions for the printer.   

       "Whatcha gonna do with your willy after you took a picture of it?   

       "Send it to THE SLICER!"
a1, Sep 16 2022

       Goddamn it.
21 Quest, Sep 16 2022

       Would embedded vibrators be cellphone controlled via wifi? This could be a major selling point.
whatrock, Sep 16 2022

       // vibrator cellphone controlled via wifi //   

       Bluetooth is more commonly used for that, but sure.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       They pair with your phone via Bluetooth, through which they can be controlled by a partner's phone via WiFi.
21 Quest, Sep 16 2022

       [21 Quest], I bow to your superior knowledge of remotely controlled sex toys. Thanks!
a1, Sep 16 2022

       I dated a cam girl for a while, and another girl who it turned out was escorting on the side. That knowledge was hard won. Very hard.
21 Quest, Sep 16 2022

       Supposedly Ron Jeremy had his schlong cast as a dildo.
...but that might be a phallusy.

Voice, Sep 16 2022

       Erectile Construction.   

       Willy ever stop? Will it prick his conscience? Can we dicker out a way to prevent more horrible wordplay? Tune in next week!
Voice, Sep 17 2022

       Xenzag thinks there's no humor anymore -.-
21 Quest, Sep 17 2022

       Penis jokes are hilarious and you can't change my mind.
Voice, Sep 17 2022

       Alternate use for this basis idea: Custom fitted sex toys. For example, the“Venus For Men” order form requires the buyer submit detailed measurements. 3D imaging would be moe accurate than a tape measure.
a1, Sep 18 2022


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