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Codified Protest Escalation

Protests suffer from a lack of escalation
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Most protests lack imagination,a few placards and everyone goes home. Here at the ACPE* (Advocates of Codified Protest Escalation) we believe that every protest can become more violent that its predecessor until things get truly revolting.

In our book we describe the various levels of protest escalation recommended to counter the lack of continual media attention.

As you ramp up your campaign you may face challenges as to the legality of the protest methods suggested. At the time of press it was only illegal in 2 states to use mimes without a placard.

Bagpipes are legal everywhere for some strange reason, but in the farm belt caution is recommended as bagpipes sound like a wounded animal.

Interpretive dance protest is only legal in California, which if push comes to shove, gives a nuclear option in other states.

* Its all in the book - "CPE - It's only as revolting as it needs to be".

bigsleep, Apr 12 2017

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Some kind of structured language would help in codifying the precise level of escalation. This might be an extension to the JPLOC language. [hippo, Apr 13 2017]

Revolution https://www.youtube...watch?v=BGLGzRXY5Bw
Brother you have wait for chairman Mao. [popbottle, Apr 13 2017, last modified Apr 15 2017]




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