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Communion Waiver

A Communion wafer with small print
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A Communion wafer with small print that reads -

"By eating this wafer I hereby waive my right to bring any legal case towards this Church. This waiver includes liabilities for injuries arising from fixtures and fittings, misguided life choices or health issues resulting from sitting near a choir spraying droplets containing ungodly substances."

bigsleep, Apr 26 2021

Religions as a percentage of world population over time https://lh6.googleu...eligion-percent.gif
It looks like Muslims are winning converts. Or at least people who pretend to be converted. "go to church or be beheaded" is a pretty powerful incentive. [Voice, Apr 27 2021]


       Or the human race could just grow up and shelve the silliness of religion. It is no longer relevant to society.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 26 2021

       Well yes, but even Dawkins has climbed down and admitted the utility of religion.   

       Just googled. Atheist choirs do exist.
bigsleep, Apr 27 2021

       made for the pun[-]
Voice, Apr 27 2021

       Religion will be relevant as long as humans want to believe in cosmic justice and eternal life.
Voice, Apr 27 2021

       //made for the pun//   

       Actually not. I was just wondering how liabilities work if not wearing masks can endanger people. Singing bands become risky and choirs, sheesh, all those open mouths pointing and spraying at you. In South Korea masking is an everyday thing since MERS.
bigsleep, Apr 27 2021

       Its my understanding that you can reasonably claim not to be bound by the fine print if it is presented in a way that makes it unlikely to be read, and is accepted "implicitly" by another action. e.g. "By clicking on any link on this hyper-addictive social media website I agree to be bound by the 500 page legal document available from a link presented on my first visit". This might fall into that category especially as the fine print is no longer available to read after the baked goods have been scoffed.
pocmloc, Apr 27 2021

       Could I take one of these in order to opt out of the actual wafer but simply make an appearance of belonging to the church? Could they be a sort of fake element?
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2021


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