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Corona News

Corona News
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Still hard to believe its happening. I'm actually very skeptical about the severity of the virus given that the cases in China topped out at 80,000. You could almost believe most of the population got it, but it just wasn't that bad overall.

Italy looks bad, but the death toll is still well under the annual death rate from flu. Both the UK and Italy have a population around 60 mil. and an annual death toll from flu about 10,000. So if either country flies past that figure then its more than just a bad flu season.

My bet is that the cases will top out in a week or so.


Now, how the virus was created could make for a great story.

The world was due for another economic crash due to greedy investors over-inflating stock prices. All the US could do was pump cash into the market to prop up share prices for the last few years. Another 2008 crash with the banks to blame again was out of the question. What the world needed was a fall guy for this crash - how about a pandemic ?

I'm thinking US agents in China planted the idea that China could capitalize on a crash of both production and markets alike, but Russia are probably ultimately behind it through subliminal suggestion in 5 Minute Craft videos.

Separately, the social engineering to turn a bad flu into a full blown pandemic was quietly wound up on social media under the direction of a secret global cabal who for some time had known the sun was going critical and that people needed to be contained in their houses to prevent rioting in the endgame.

Nice colourful meteor storm tonight.

bigsleep, Mar 20 2020

Corona Virus Stats https://www.worldom...s.info/coronavirus/
[bigsleep, Mar 20 2020]

COVID-19 interactive map https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
[whatrock, Mar 22 2020]

Plot-triggering death https://tvtropes.or...PlotTriggeringDeath
Usually - but not always - happens right at the start [Chairborne Hero, Mar 23 2020]

Deaths per capita https://rapidminernotes.blogspot.com/
My patchy blog [DenholmRicshaw, Mar 23 2020, last modified Mar 27 2020]

Comedy dracula https://www.youtube...watch?v=Xxl3FuzE6U0
see 1' 06" into video [bhumphrys, Mar 25 2020]

Black swan theory https://en.wikipedi...i/Black_swan_theory
Rationalization [8th of 7, Mar 26 2020]

Dragon King Theory https://en.wikipedi.../Dragon_King_Theory
Low probaility event with large impact [8th of 7, Mar 26 2020]

Architeuthis dux https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_squid
Widely known to exist, but not widely observed. [8th of 7, Mar 26 2020]

The end of the world https://www.iheart....orld-with-30006093/
I particularly like the idea that the higgs field may have spontaneously collapsed somewhere and so space is disappearing triggering the neighbouring space to disappear and this is heading towards us at the speed of light if so we will not see it until we instantaneously cease to exist :( puts coronavirus in perspective doesn't it? [bhumphrys, Mar 26 2020]

S.Korea Active Cases https://www.worldom...-active-cases-total
[bigsleep, Mar 27 2020]

Hubei https://www.theguar...rutal-but-effective
They need to plot in Denholm's format don't they [bhumphrys, Mar 27 2020]

Paging Doctor Reardon ... https://www.theguar...-coronavirus-device
If he's not one of us, he should be. [pertinax, Mar 31 2020]


       You need to work Harry and Meaghan into it somewhere, and fracking, and some cutesy stuff that kids will like- Gizmo the Mugwai, or Baby Yoda.   

       Apart from that, it sounds pretty much Oscar-ready. Who do you see as the male lead, Nicholas Cage maybe ?
8th of 7, Mar 20 2020

       Have any of our bakers contracted the disease to date? If so, a daily missive on their symptoms and solutions could be helpful to everyone in our collective kitchen.
whatrock, Mar 20 2020

       I live with someone I suspect has it. So far all I've got is a sore throat and a low fever, so it may just be a cold or flu.
Voice, Mar 20 2020

       My boss. She is young and healthy so she will most likely recover. She had the misfortune of traveling to visit her brother in Seattle and then the next week going to Chicago for a fundraiser. Double doo-doo for her.
blissmiss, Mar 21 2020

       // a daily missive on their symptoms //   

       Er, we understand the logic there, but following so soon on the loss of [MB], it seems somewhat uncomfortable.
8th of 7, Mar 21 2020

       Given that China had nothing but tumbleweeds in the streets for a good while, I’m not surprised at the numbers at all.
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2020

       // daily missive of symptoms //   

       // After [MB] ... uncomfortable //   

       Agree with 8th. Don’t want another run of “The patient was getting better day by day, right up until they snuffed it.”
Chairborne Hero, Mar 21 2020

       Of course, we're referring to halfbakers and their Known Associates there, people with some actual value to society - a moment by moment recitation of the suffering and ultimate death of a number of individuals in the public realm - politicians and celebrities - would be delightful, particularly the bit where they die. On camera. In pain.   

       For extra amusement, they could be shocked back to life with a defibrilator, then treatment withheld and they could be allowed to "die" again. There could be a competition to see how often this process could be repeated.
8th of 7, Mar 21 2020

       That’s the 8th I’ve come to expect.
Chairborne Hero, Mar 21 2020

       One day we might surprise you ... so best to keep looking over your shoulder.
8th of 7, Mar 21 2020

       8th, you only surprise me with occasional lapses into decent humanity.   


       Back to cinematic story telling - this needs an “unexpected” death, of the sort that happens in all of these melodramas. It has to be emotionally upsetting - not some venal politician getting it in the end - perhaps a sympathetic, likable character who *isn’t* in a high risk group gets in the second reel.   

       Maybe that untimely and unlikely death makes people start looking for the conspiracy.
Chairborne Hero, Mar 22 2020

       Ah yes, a "Tasha Yar" moment ...
8th of 7, Mar 22 2020

       Tasha? Nah, Crosby just wanted out of her contract - or producers wanted her out because of the Playboy spread (depends whose story you believe). And even though she was a regular, offing her character had little more impact than a red shirt.   

       I’m looking for a real “plot-triggering death” here (link).
Chairborne Hero, Mar 23 2020

       Some extra plot points:
It mostly targets the elderly.
Europeans seem far more susceptible than than Asians.
Children don't seem to react.
In other words, it's all a big conspiracy to "clean out" all the old white men in charge.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 23 2020

       // It mostly targets the elderly //   

       That will suit the Japs, who now have a demographic increasingly weighted towards the elderly and no means other than immigration to address the problem...   

       Although if it's less effctive against asians, it won't help as much.   

       Maybe it's not a government bioweapon - maybe it's a private enterprise project financed by pension funds, eager to defuse the "pensions time bomb" ...   

       // “plot-triggering death” //   

       Ah- King Hamlet, then. He seems to fulfil the criteria.
8th of 7, Mar 23 2020

       My boss is back and now I'm out with mild symptoms of nasal dripping, headache and moments of extreme brilliance. Well, perhaps I exaggerated a bit on that last one.
blissmiss, Mar 23 2020

       ^ Put 2 shots of dark rum in a coffee mug, add lukewarm tea, some lemon, a bit of sugar, another shot of rum and guzzle the entire thing. Repeat as necessary.
whatrock, Mar 23 2020

       It's interesting to look at the per capita death rates because governments should* care about the number of their citizens they represent who are at risk of death.   

       See the linked post (full disclosure - my patchy data science blog) for some of the runners and riders.   

       Currently (as of 23/03/20 am), Italy is in the lead with 90 deaths per million with Spain catching up fast on 37 per million. Interesting to see the Netherlands, France and Belgium with 10, 10, and 7 per million respectively and the UK on 4.2 per million.   

       I have data for all countries and China managed to flatten their curve at 2.3 deaths per million.   

       If 1% is the true mortality rate, the question is when will we reach 10000 deaths per million.   

       * hmm
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 23 2020

       // per capita death rates //   

       ... where coronavirus is the sole cause of death ?   

       It's the figures for *excess* deaths that matter. You show us your Fermi approximation and we'll show you ours ...   

       Italy: 800 deaths a day (ish). Being optimistic, call it 1000. Population 60 million. Outbreak continues for (hopefully) 200 days.   

       200,000 dead out of 60,000,000 - 0.3% mortality from all cases. And in most, if not all, it was a contributary cause, not the sole cause.   

       // when will we reach 10000 deaths per million //   

       C'mon, give us a chance... we're switching off ventilators and stuff like that as fast as we can....   

       Some of them have built-in backup batteries- we call that unsportsmanlike.
8th of 7, Mar 24 2020

       Five days later I'm developing a cough, that about fits the schedule. My fever went away though. Otherwise I'm feeling fine.
Voice, Mar 25 2020

       Time to play some R.E.M. then ?   

       "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine ... "   

       We've worked out how to shut down ventilators through software patches, without having to touch the power ... and the alarms don't trigger.   

       Watch for a spike in mortality figures ...
8th of 7, Mar 25 2020

       [bigsleep] I'm disappointed that your conspiracy theory didn't explain the role of contrails or the Illuminati in Covid-19
hippo, Mar 25 2020

       It's more likely to be a consortium of toilet paper manufacturers ...
8th of 7, Mar 25 2020

       Toilet paper manufacturers are actually going to suffer from this. If there were enough warehouse space they would be fine (if inefficient) because they could spend the time refilling it. There isn't enough warehouse space dedicated to toilet paper to form a full buffer, so they're running all out right now, meaning they'll have to shut down machines and lay people off later while the western world runs through its year's stock of the stuff.   

       In the mean time when the aliens visit and suddenly demand a tribute of toilet paper at least we're covered.
Voice, Mar 25 2020

       [8th] //Time to play some R.E.M. then ?// - "Tell me what it's like to just go outside/ I've never been/ And I never will" (The Wrong Child)
hippo, Mar 25 2020

       Spot on, [Ed].   

       // its year's stock of the stuff. //   

       What you don't yet realize is that like the cruddy recyclable carrier bags they've been banging out recently (the old ones used to last for decades, what was wrong with that ?) this toilet paper will, quite rapidly, crumble to a sort of cellulose dust, utterly useless for the intended purpose and driving the unfortunate punters out to purchase even more, at vast expense.   

       // In the mean time when the aliens visit and suddenly demand a tribute of toilet paper at least we're covered. //   

       Most of the ones we know of have entirely different eliminatory processes. But we'll check for you.
8th of 7, Mar 25 2020

       Excellent graph, [Denholm] many thanks I was going to plot this very graph as the first one to do myself when I had the chance and this saves the bother. Rate of people testing positive is virtually meaningless, this is the true story. I was looking for China & S Korea though on your graph and they are conspicuous by their absence?   

       Is there a correlation between slope of the curve and temperature? Humidity?   

       Is there a causal link between slope and sociological measures of interpersonal relationship? Typically studied by the Dutch, It'll be interesting to see the eventual toll against national power distance index (Hofstede, 2001). National obediance to authority exhibits stark differences. My homespun loutish stereotypes but without being derogatory: Germans- not cuddly. Spanish and Italians- Kissy cuddley, even at work. Fench shake hands with everybody in the office before they even start work. Brits we just glare aggressively at each other, in my personal experience, but we are more of a heterogeneous society now.   

       [Chair] mentioned unexpected deaths, so please don't forget that we are in the peak of the normal flu season anyway so we need to factor that in to our bayesian analysis.   

       [Bigsleep] There could just be something in your hypothetical subtext... Russia/ China destabilising the west without even firing a shot. But to agree with a certan oafish president's stance would perhaps grate with many people. However I myself will be standing at least three urinals distance from everybody for a good while yet and distancing myself like a shot from anybody coughing who is not at the same time doing a comedy dracula impression.
bhumphrys, Mar 25 2020

       // I myself will be standing at least three urinals distance from everybody for a good while yet and distancing myself like a shot from anybody coughing //   

       Why, if you're not "high risk" ? You are going to be infected, the only question is when. You only need to worry if they have flu - the overwhelming majority of Covid cases are nothing more than a short-lived mild irritation.   

       // who is not at the same time doing a comedy dracula impression. //   

       How does that go, then ?
8th of 7, Mar 25 2020

       // I myself will be standing at least three urinals distance from everybody   

       Just bragging about being a Longfellow?
Chairborne Hero, Mar 25 2020

       I'm in lockdown and I can see both sides.   

       Even if the mortality rates turn out to be below or close to usual flu deaths, it is good population training for a more serious infection. With a really really virulent contagion though, all bets will be off.
wjt, Mar 25 2020

       Ye gods, [wjt], don't go spouting sense like that, the Universe will end ...   

       You mean governments might take Civil Defence seriously, for the first time in half a century ? Nooooo, that would be FAR to sensible. Can you seriously see politicos sacrificing their beloved sacred cows of social engineering on the altar of pragmatism, just to keep their taxpayers actually alive ?   

       Perish the thought ...   

       We now return you to your regularly scheduled Prolefeed.
8th of 7, Mar 25 2020

       [8th] comedy dracula... you know.... see link.   

       To be serious for a second, listen to the medics who know what they are talking about. Do what they tell us. And words can not express the bravery of our frontline health care workers.   

       And [Chair] don't get your hopes up, far from it.
bhumphrys, Mar 25 2020

       // the bravery of our frontline health care workers //   

       Yes, everyone else lives in abject terror of running a temperature and coughing for a fews days... it's the same order of bravery as hunting Tribbles with a mallet ....   

       But nowhere near as much fun.   

       Sewerage workers run far more risks of serious infection, as do pest control workers. Most front line health workers ae in the 20 - 60 age group, the ones with the least to fear.   

       Interestingly, our information comes directly from some biochemists who research antivirals and know exactly what they're talking about- nt filtered through the head of some know-nothing journo who wouldn't recognise a Gaussian curve if it fell in their soup.....
8th of 7, Mar 25 2020

       Oooooo your goat's been proper got hasn't it?   

       Journos- yes you can wander round 20 supermarkets till you find one with an empty aisle then broadcast it thereby implying that the whole world has been strripped of all goods. You can interview about 100 vox pops until you find somebody blubbering then broadcast that. Or somebody who hates Jeremy Corbyn because his glasses are a little bit wonky then broadcast that ('Oh yes they are a bit aren't they' cry the masses, 'he's clearly promising too much therefore and can't be believed its impossible to generate enough money doesnt he know there is no magic money tree he should get real blaaa blaaa rant rant god bess the poor beleagured bankers free broadband what a tosser etc etc')
bhumphrys, Mar 26 2020

       // your goat's been proper got hasn't it? //   

       Not at all; we observe all the foolishness and self-inflicted misery with dispassionate objectivity.   

       We deduce that when all the shouting and running about (or in most cases, staying indoors) is over, there will be an Enquiry. Questions will be asked, and the answers will be highly discredtable, where not blatantly evasive. The damage to the credibility of established authority will be severe, and hopefully irreversible.   

       We will be looking hard for anyone who says "This was a Dragon King; we were blindsided, had a bit of a panic, and did the best we could on the day with what we had and knew. We'll cope better next time".   

       We shall kidnap them and store them for detailed study, as honest people are so rare as to be almost unobtainable - probably less common than specimens of Architeuthis ...   

8th of 7, Mar 26 2020

       I have to thank you (pl.) for giving me a backlog of stacked-up homework to mug up on during lockdown. Watch Deliverance... trying to overcome my inherent stinge and revulsion to cough £7 to buy it from Bezos.   

       Black Swan Theory yes a cracking good read though Taleb is an ultra-pompous self-worshiper (not at all like your good selves) and is addicted to wordy footnotes*. So that has whet my appetite to decode your (pl.) cryptic dragon King/ Architeuthis dux reference. Thanks.....no, honestly.....   

       So I offer back at you if you haven't already listened to it 'the End of the World by Josh Clark' (link) a bit ploddy but some good nuggets.   

       But also the slightly unnerving interview I heard with the (then) chief cashier of the bank of England Andrew Bailey some time ago on Radio four. This gentleman now is elevated to the British Central Bank. As we know this august institution is currently throwing out dosh like no tomorrow. The Journo of then handed Andrew a fiver and said 'I demand the sum of five pounds as your signature promises to deliver' at which Andrew took the fiver and handed it straight back to him saying 'here you are!'   

       *Note however that I think you will find Taleb spent a lot of time and effort debunking the normal distribution.
bhumphrys, Mar 26 2020

       // Taleb is an ultra-pompous self-worshiper //   

       Never met the guy, but would like to. It's possible to infer a certain amount from his writings, but that's hardly evidential.   

       // Thanks.....no, honestly..... //   

       Please don't be nice to us, it's a very strange and uncommon experience, and horribly confusing.   

       // Taleb spent a lot of time and effort debunking the normal distribution. //   

       Well, not exactly, but that's a very complex issue and while we would enjoy debating it, this probably isn't the best platform.   

       And what's wrong with wordy footnotes ?
8th of 7, Mar 26 2020

       Well I haven't actually _met_ him, obviously being merely an oik myself. He's probably completely charming in person. It's his writing thats self-important. All that 'I've got a huge amount of Fuck-you money because I am a quant with a brain like Euler on Ritalin' kind of stuff. However I wonder if he is one of the Bakers? He has that sort of sideways brain he'd probably love it here.
bhumphrys, Mar 26 2020

       // obviously being merely an oik myself. //   

       It's blatantly obvious that you are merely an oik. The evidence is abundant and incontrovertible.   

       It is not obvious, however, that you have not met him. It's a relatively small planet and the "seven degrees of separation" law applies. You may have sat next to him at some time, or spoken to him, but been unaware of who he is; though it's clear who you are.*   

       // He's probably completely charming in person. //   

       We have no data on his personality. However, we caution you to beware of "Leah Brahms" syndrome.   

       // It's his writing thats self-important. All that 'I've got a huge amount of Fuck-you money because I am a quant with a brain like Euler on Ritalin' kind of stuff. //   

       We don't read it that way, but then we are ... different.   

       // However I wonder if he is one of the Bakers? He has that sort of sideways brain he'd probably love it here. //   


       *<Placeholder footnote for further gratuitous insult/>
8th of 7, Mar 26 2020

       // my bet is that the cases will top out in a week or so   

       [bigsleep] - are you wanting to hedge a little more on that "or so" bit?
Chairborne Hero, Mar 26 2020

       Wait, you can catch it from hedges now ... ?   

       <Flings shears aside, scrabbles for sanitizing gel/>
8th of 7, Mar 26 2020

       I'm still thinking we are not far from saturation point. A few days back a government official even said "it was possible that greater than 50% already had it".   

       With extended families living under one roof, Italy is probably the one to watch for saturation, wheres S.Korea had an early lockdown. We are only a few weeks behind. Italy has to have way more than 80,000 cases as their mortality rate is 50%. Both have new cases per day not increasing. [link]
bigsleep, Mar 27 2020

       Those figures are interesting but unilluminating.   

       Italy reports 8000 deaths in 60 million citizens. 0.13%. If that holds, Italians have a 99.87% chance of walking away alive (although it is quite difficult to walk away dead). But how many of those would have died anyway in a ±90 day timeframe ?   

       Some will have serious, irreversible damage, but how many of those were already ill ?   

       They do not discriminate between deaths "with" coronavirus and deaths purely "from" coronavirus.   

       What are the excess deaths in the general population compared to the same period last year ?   

       What is the prevalence in the general population ?   

       Perhaps it's simply that those who know this information aren't being asked the right questions ?
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       // you can catch it from hedges now ... ?   

       Oh yes, and hedgehogs too. And dragons. And watching too much Star Trek and Dr. Who.   

       The list goes on. We’re all doomed.
Chairborne Hero, Mar 27 2020

       // too much Star Trek //   

       It is a universally recognised fact, like Planck's constant or the velocity of light, that it is impossible to watch too much Star Trek.   

       .. and Dad's Army....
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       //Italy reports 8000 deaths in 60 million citizens. 0.13%. If that holds//   

       Yes, that's still in the realm of a medium to high flu season.   

       Wish I knew more about microbiology but its mindbogglingly complex. Was chasing the “cytokine storm” rabbit hole earlier - one of (the only ? don't know) cause of respiratory failure. Here's what I got reading one article -   

       "Multiple biological properties or pleiotropism is the hallmark of a cytokine. Today, the term “cytokine” encompasses interferons, the interleukins, the chemokine family, mesenchymal growth factors, the tumor necrosis factor family and adipokines. As of this writing, 33 cytokines are called interleukins".   

       Makes perfect sense. I'm guessing interleukins are evil clones of Luke Skywalker who try to pass themselves off as the real thing.
bigsleep, Mar 27 2020

       More sort-of Nazgul to interferon's Sauron...   

       Cytokine storms are fascinating and still poorly understood, since they are uncommon, idiosyncratic, and tend to kill the patient before the researchers can get to them and do any meaningful work.   

       [bs] might have more insight.   

       A major factor is the immune system's previous history, what it has and hasn't been exposed to, and what it's therefore predisposed to respond to. Since every individual is unique from that point of view, there's no way of determining (yet) who is vulnerable.
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       // No such thing as too much Star Trek //   

       What, even the animated series?   

       // Dad's Army //   

       Might offer some protection, but could be harmful if mixed with 'Allo 'Allo! and It Ain't Half Hot Mum. British scientists are divided on whether the combination is genuinely toxic or just too much of a good thing.   

       In the USA, there are similar concerns about Hogan's Heroes and McHale's Navy.
Chairborne Hero, Mar 27 2020

       "Gilligan's Island" might be more appropriate in the current circumstances.   

       There might be scope for re-runs of "Cheers" but with surgical masks CGI'd onto the performers. Have to add straws to the drinks, too.   

       // the animated series? //   


       Though the animated series is considered "canonical", sadly that doesn't save it from its main problem - it's shit.
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       [bhumphrys] - I added China and South Korea in the blog if you're interested.   

       It's noteworthy that the normal death rate is about 1 person per 100 per year for Italy. In a country of 60 million this means you should expect around 1,740 deaths per day (a crude linear estimate - but hey). The Corona deaths are about 650 per day for Italy at the moment which underlines the importance of making sure the Corona deaths are being attributed correctly.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 27 2020

       Thanks, [Den]. A rational presentation of data is crucial to extracting meaning.
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       Yes thanks v much Mr Rickshaw. But your link on this page to the death chart is still linking to the old chart without China on it; I had to go to 2020 March page 2 of your blog to see the update.   

       Anyway, I wonder what you make of it?   

       Just to check the deaths you have used... at a guess the chart shows the additional deaths due to COVID-19 and the denominator is the national population? Small question then- China had outbreaks in Wuhan city and locked down Hubei province so should we use the population of Hubei? (Hubei 58.5 million c.f. China 1,386 million). See link to the Grauniad. Air travel blurs the borders so it's perhaps not obvious.
bhumphrys, Mar 27 2020

       [bhumphrys] I changed the link so it starts at the home page of the blog (shamelessly looks down and shakes head).   

       Yes - the nominator is the Covid mortality and the denominator is national population.   

       If I change the population for China to be the 58.5 million in Hubei province, I see that Italy and Spain have already punched through spectacularly, with France and the Netherlands shooting up like a garnished firework shell combo with no clear explosion in sight.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 27 2020

       So has the mortality in the general population anywhere hit the magic 0.5% yet ?
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       Our hospitals are bloody overwhelmed with cases here in Detroit.   

       Good doctors I know have died from lack of basic resources because of the lack of timely action by of our bloody fucking "president" that some if you think is a great guy.   

       Sorry but I'm not in the mood for any light takes or folk not taking this seriously right now.
RayfordSteele, Mar 28 2020

       The cough is pretty well continual now. Symptoms of pneumonia, headache, sore throat. Blowing my nose a lot. Lost my thermometer.
Voice, Mar 30 2020

       //If there were enough warehouse space//   

       Ah, the joys of just in time delivery, always thought that was being taken to extremes, doesn't look so clever now does it.   

       //impossible to watch too much Star Trek// //and Dad's Army//   

       That would be an .. 'interesting' .. crossover.
Skewed, Mar 30 2020

       How you doing [Voice] picking up or getting worse? the FORMER (dang! hope you didn't read that b4 I corrected [facepalm]) I hope.   

       I find a bit of string on the thermometer helps, then if you swallow it you can pull it back up.
Skewed, Mar 30 2020

       Hel-lo, what's this, now ?   

       <Refocusses scanners/>   

       We detect a halfbaker having disgusting and unworthy thoughts concerning a combined thermometer-on-a-string and sex toy ....   

       Gotta be [xenzag] ....   

       Just quadrangulating... will confirm as soon as we get a reliable fix...   

       // crossover//   

       "Generations" sort-of went that way; but an episodic comedy series about a bunch of very old Trek characters probably has some Parsec-age in it. Jim Kirk's chair with a lift-up commode seat would be a good sight gag.
8th of 7, Mar 30 2020

       Just to switch, for a moment, from macro-news to micro- news, see link about an astrophysicist admitted to hospital, not because he had COVID-19, but because he got some magnets stuck up his nose while inventing a device to protect against it.   

       I offer him an honorary croissant for the attempt.
pertinax, Mar 31 2020

       If he had been concerned about a sexually transmitted virus, he might have earned a Darwin award.
8th of 7, Mar 31 2020


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