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Covid Menu

Restaurant menus coming out of lockdown
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Apparently a good diet can go a long way to boosting the immune system and fighting of covid19 and other things.

The Covid Menus would contain an amuse bouche containing Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc which go a long way to helping your immune system. It could be a fortified juice shot and a nibble.

Available on request are starters with a crushed Anti-Malarial Hydroxy-Chloroquine tablet for pensioners developing a cough. Typically up to five 10 cent tables are enough over a week to fight off covid19.

The rest of the menu is as normal.

bigsleep, May 15 2020

Expert debunks lockdowns https://youtu.be/Avc6_ftzk3w
[bigsleep, May 15 2020]

A lot more on immune systems https://youtu.be/O0fsg8ijn8E
[bigsleep, May 15 2020]

Prof. Dolores Cahill https://people.ucd.ie/dolores.cahill
[bigsleep, May 16 2020]


       and an after-dinner smoke.
FlyingToaster, May 15 2020

       //and a smoke, afterwards.// [+]
Voice, May 15 2020

       OMG, My first read I assumed this meant you eat the menu and it has the vitamins embedded in them. So stupid, but it's early. So + for your real idea.
blissmiss, May 15 2020

       That could be a very niche kind of hipster restaurant, [bliss]. I'm sure it would be a commercial success and get rave reviews in the trendy foodie review places.
pocmloc, May 15 2020

       Some health food already tastes like cardboard, so...
RayfordSteele, May 15 2020

       //Some health food already tastes like cardboard//   

       This is for people in restaurants who haven't got the virus yet. Vitamin D etc are known to help the immune system. In fact locking people up is depriving them of the sunlight to make their own Vitamin D.   

       //About Dave Cullen//   

       Such a poor link I deleted it (somebody had already flagged it). I'd describe him as a religious centre conservative. In any case, the videos are more about the experts such as Prof. Dolores Cahill [link]. She was actually instrumental in pushing for more specific antibody testing research - the kind that most governments have been holding out for to test for covid19 antibodies.
bigsleep, May 16 2020

       Lovely meal, and all washed down with a fine glass of pure Domestos. (to kill off any pesky virus that might have crept in between the grains of rice)
xenzag, May 16 2020

       That was my flag [bigs] : I don't/didn't understand what the relevance was to the post.
FlyingToaster, May 16 2020

       [FT] It was a link to the bio of the guy who runs the channel in the first 2 links. The bio by Rational Wiki was highly subjective with comments like "the bad", "the good (legalise drugs)". Anyway at least I know Rational Wiki is just preachy junk now.
bigsleep, May 16 2020

       That would be “preachy junk” you don’t agree with, as opposed to preachy junk that you do?   

       Or in less inflammatory terms, “a difference of opinion.”
kdf, May 16 2020

       //a difference of opinion//   

       Not really. If someone has written your bio and creates sections called The Good and The Bad, then its a completely subjective judgement and does not ask the reader to make up their own mind. Hence 'preachy'.
bigsleep, May 16 2020


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