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Covid testing for the hookup society

Not fun - unless you're into that sort of thing
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As soon as rapid and cheap testing for Covid exists, it needs to be deployed at the door of every sex club in the world; straight, gay, and versatile. Negative result required for admittance.

A cotton swab jammed up your nose might not be erotic ... though some people might fetishize it ... but it could revive the hook-up culture.

Throughout the AIDS pandemic, safe sex and testing have been watchwords. Avoid anonymous hookups, get tested often. Same advice for gay and straight - because even if you know your own status and who you've been with, you can never be sure who THEY have been with.

AIDS brought attention to this common-sense precaution because it was more of a death sentence than other STDs. Now the same kind of awareness should apply to NON sexually transmitted diseases.

kdf, Jul 31 2020

Resistance might 'actually' be futile... http://www.etdataba...ger-than-earth.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 31 2020]

Dating advice from Harry Secombe http://www.eccentri...s/album1/harold.htm
Applies equally to amphibians, humans, and extraterrestrials ... [kdf, Jul 31 2020]

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       What if everyone tests positive ?   

       A vaccination programme, if technically possible, will give a positive result on an antibody assay. There is no way of discriminating between active cases and the vaccinated/recovered without looking for live virus.   

       By the time such a programme can be out in place, the problem will have gone away, because everyone who's going to die will have died, and everyone else will have varying degrees of immunity.   

       This is very, very different from HIV/AIDS in terms of contagiousness and demographic.
8th of 7, Jul 31 2020

       You're just grousing because you never get invited, and get turned away at the door for reasons other than testing status.   

       But ... in this case I suppose you're at least partly right. The marketable opportunity here is very short term. Unless of course it DOES create a nasal-swab fetish subculture. Stranger things have happened.
kdf, Jul 31 2020

       ... usually in Japan.   

       They have an oddly prejudiced attitude, these places. They ought to "respect diversity". Well, they don't. They let Furries in, and cosplayers, and just about anyone else. Why can't they accept that our brow-mounted laser target designators are just another fashion statement ?
8th of 7, Jul 31 2020

       Hm. "Sometimes even your best friends won't tell you" ... but that's what the rest of us are here for.   

       Your accessories would might not be the problem. How often do you wash your carapace?
kdf, Jul 31 2020

       Careful [kdf]. The Borg are closer than you think.   


       I'll be more careful when you have an image more convincing than a 32x32 pixel telemetry gap. Come to think of it, no - I've already seen much more interesting imaging artifacts. "I'll be more careful" when you have an image sequence (rather than a single image) consistent over time and showing an object from more than one angle.
kdf, Jul 31 2020

       <Furtively checks odometer on Cube in case someone has been joyriding again/>   

       // How often do you wash your carapace? //   

       Well, we give the Cube a quick sloosh down with liquid methane every 100 million light years or 0.1 of a Galactic rotation, which ever comes first ... why do you ask ?
8th of 7, Jul 31 2020

       The thing is ... there are clubs where your "fashion statement" - or indeed, almost any kind of body modification - would NOT be a problem. But, well, um, how can I put this?   

       Reflecting in his private Cube
On his unhappy fate,
He wondered why on earth it was
He couldn't get a date...

       His friends all knew the reason why
But friends don't like to tell
A Borg who's got - and doesn't know -
A wet, and Borgy smell...
A Borg who's got a wet and Borgy smell

       With apologies to Harry Secombe (link).
kdf, Jul 31 2020

       //"I'll be more careful" when you have an image sequence (rather than a single image) consistent over time and showing an object from more than one angle.//   

       That's exactly what 'they' want you to think.   


       // in this case I suppose you're at least partly right. //   

       A very grudging admission ...   

       Actually, this is an expensive and complicated solution to a problem that doesn't actually exist, and so is truly halfbaked -thus deserving a bun.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2020

       Don’t overlook the market potential of creating a new fetish. When simple cotton swaps can be sold at a high markup.   

       After all, it worked for birth control - the simple condom evolved into a whole market for OTHER little rubber thingies to put on the end of your John Thomas. French Ticklers. Black Mambos. Crocodile Ribs. Sheaths that are designed not only to protect, but also to enhance the stimulation of sexual congress!
kdf, Aug 02 2020


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