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Credit Card Pasta

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You can make credit cards from sheets of plastic. You can make sheets of pasta. Therefore you can make pasta in the form of credit cards.
Ian Tindale, Nov 12 2008

Bubblewrap pasta Bubblewrap_20pasta
This is derived from there. [Ian Tindale, Nov 12 2008]


       The magnetic strip might be a little chewy.
miasere, Nov 12 2008

       Yes indeed. You could replace the magnetic strip with a barcode or one of those grids, printing it with squid ink or other edible ink. It probably wouldn't be very secure.
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2008

       you could make credit cards out of pasta and in the event of a mugging - just eat the card.
po, Nov 12 2008

       The PIN would be uncomfortable to swallow though
hippo, Nov 12 2008

       Aren't we talking about lasagne here? Perhaps coloured lasagne, with the corporate logos of high street banks, but lasagne all the same. It might be issued by the banks instead of those 'money-back' schemes that some issuers have, a non fiscal bonus for customer loyalty.   

       Team it up with bechamel bonuses from utility companies and free tomato sauce points from the supermarket, and you've got an integrated promotional scheme that appeals to lovers of lasagne.
zen_tom, Nov 12 2008

       + why yes, you are brilliant [Ian] and when you have charged up too much you can just swipe in a pot of boiling water and viola! gone!
xandram, Nov 12 2008

       I think we may be discussing lasagnetta. Then again, you could also have pasta credit cards, debit cards, driving licences, library cards, NI number cards separated by layers of mince with cheese on top - actually, i should go to CARK with that, shouldn't i?
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2008

       A nice refreshing , good credible job for fake document creators
kamathln, Nov 12 2008

       Italian confuses me, is a lasagnetta a small lasagne? Why wouldn't that be a lasagnetti? And what exactly would a lasagnetto be?
zen_tom, Nov 12 2008

       I just made it up. I considered "lasagnella" but to be honest i don't know. Lasagnetti would be more than one lasagnetto, lasagnette would be at least two instances of a lasagnetta, and suddenly i'm thinking about mopeds.
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2008


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