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DALL-E caricature contest

Trick the parser into forbidden territory…
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A game where players provide text descriptions “of public figures (including celebrities)” to DALL-E — without naming the person they want to draw — and try to get a result that is still recognizable.

It could be played at home like Pictionary. One player picks a target and writes it down for themselves, then provides a description / prompt to DALL-E without other players reading it. Everyone else gets to look at the created images and try to guess who it’s supposed to be. Points given to the first person who guesses right, and to the player who generated the prompt. If nobody guesses, nobody scores and play passes to the next person.

Could be extended to other themes contrary to DALL-E’s content guidelines (linked) or to other image generating AIs.

a1, Aug 21 2022

DALL-E Content Policy https://labs.openai...cies/content-policy
[a1, Aug 21 2022]

Any resemblance to any dinosaur living or dead ... https://ibb.co/wSjvzb6
... is completely accidental. [a1, Aug 22 2022]

A mop with eyes https://ibb.co/ssK7kWQ
[a1, Aug 23 2022]

DALL-E image generator is now open to everyone https://arstechnica...e-without-waitlist/
Not entirely free though: New users get 50 free credits, and you can purchase credits in groups of 115 for $15 apiece. [a1, Sep 28 2022]


       How to monetize it: For now DALL-E gives beta testers 50 free credits to start, and 15 more every month. Each credit is good for generating one set of images. And they SELL credits if you need more.   

       Having DALL-E (or other generators) set this up - or similar games within their policy guidelines - in a pay-to-play scheme could finance future development or be profitable on its own.
a1, Aug 21 2022

       This would be too easy. "A mop with eyes."
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2022

       [RayfordSteele] If you have your access to DALL-E, go ahead and try that "mop with eyes" thing. Or throw it into craiyon or any of the others.   

       Inspiration this idea was a cartoon I made to attach to one of xenzag's ideas. I swear I didn't ask or try to describe a specific person - but when I showed it to my wife she said "Is he supposed to looks like ... ?"   

       People will see what they want to see.
a1, Aug 22 2022

       I suspect it'll just redirect me to the Prime Minister's wiki page.
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2022

       Mop with eyes linked. Without prompting, wife knew who it was supposed to be. But she’s quite good at charades, Pictionary, and other such games.
a1, Aug 23 2022

       DALL-E now does reasonable renderings of faces, they changed their policy enforcement a little bit. That would changes some of the game structure.
a1, Sep 20 2022


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