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DARPA take away challenge

A humanoid robot must collect 2 take-out meals
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The DARPA take away challenge is as follows.

* Starting position is sitting on the sofa next to a person

* The person issues orders for 2 take away meals from different shops

* Robot gets in driverless car (or may drive itself) and proceeds to first stop - a drive-though restaurant.

* Robot leans out of window, orders food, drives forward and collects food

* Robot proceeds to second shop without drive-through.

* Robot must negotiate doors, queue in line, order food, pay, wait, collect food and return to car.

Challenge ends when robot is back on sofa. Scoring is based on total round-trip time.

bigsleep, Jan 09 2017


       It really is DARPA hard, but it's not the sort of thing they focus on.   

       A lot of bots were incapable of even turning a doorknob in the first robotics challenge. And that was with an operator saying "turn that knob there now"
Voice, Jan 09 2017

       Actually,kind of sadly, DARPA could do this. imagine a tiny number of humans instead of QSR (quick service restaurant) workers Placing TV trays of presorted ordnance into a Humvee filled with racks, for driverless delivery, past land mines, to some other robots, that then use the munitions.   

       Unfortunately, at the peaceful application, the collateral damage of causing people to eat 10% more ultra convenient restaurant food would possibly cause more deaths from heart disease than many wars.   

       So lingerie clad QSR restaurant workers could be highly efficient at reducing deaths.
beanangel, Jan 10 2017

       Not that I don't support cladding restaurant workers in lingerie, but I fail to see how it would help.
Voice, Jan 10 2017

       The part of bean's brain in charge of thinking about lingerie clad QSR restaurant workers elbowed its way in for the last line there.
bungston, Jan 11 2017

       A lot of people don't choose unhealthy food because they want it, but because it's fast, tasty, and easy to eat. I don't know why we can't make greek salad burritos and other healthy food to serve all of these purposes. For that matter a fresh fruit is also fast, tasty, and easy to eat.   

       If we want Americans to eat healthier we need to break the perception that healthy food should be eaten on a plate with silverware. Also take half the corn subsidies and give them to fruit growers.
Voice, Jan 12 2017


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