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Dead Drop Delivery

Pizza Privacy Protection
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Even people living completely off the grid deserve the convenience of pizza delivery. The Dead Drop Delivery service requires no app, credit card, phone number, or verification. They just show up with food and take your cash.

How it works… Let’s say you’re John Connor in Rise of the Machines and you want a pizza. Maybe you and Kate Brewster are hungry but afraid to venture out…

So you give each of your few trusted agents PART of your order on different scraps of paper and instruct them to place them at different spots around town. You later tell a different set of agents to visit those location, collect the scraps at different time, and deliver them (again, at staggered times) to a drop location near the pizzeria.

The pizzeria - affiliated with the DDD service - monitors the drop location at regular intervals and when there are enough instructions to assemble a proper pizza, they do so. But they don’t bake it or slice it. They simply put it in a sealed weatherproof container at a pre-arranged location away from the ordering drop.

After waiting an appropriate time, John Connor gives money to one of his agents who goes and gets the pizza. He brings it back to Crystal Peak where John and Kate bake it in the commissary oven and have a last romantic evening before the end of the world.

Dead Drop Deliver promises to get your order to you in thirty days or less, or your pizza is free!

Makes as much sense as anything else in that stinker of a movie, right?

a1, Jun 13 2021

https://libraryofbabel.info/random.cgi //gigabytes of encrypted white noise, just because we can// [pocmloc, Jun 15 2021]


       I just don't get the hate for Terminator 3. It's my favourite one! (It is possible that the presence of Claire Danes is biasing my evaluation...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 13 2021

       Just my opinion, but T2: Judgement Day was better. Rare that I like a sequel better than the first of a series.   

       I only picked T3 here for a film reference to someone living “off the grid.” Obviously he couldn’t use a credit card or even give his name or phone number to the local pizza joint.   

       “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.”
-Scott McNealy, 1999
a1, Jun 14 2021

       One of those melty robots could still disguise themselves as a glob of mozzarella, and strike once the pizza is served. They'd have been forewarned of the plan by its evidence here on the halfbakery.   

       Also, the tricky part of cooking a pizza isn't assembling the ingredients (though mozzarella might be tricky to keep fresh in the desert), it's having an actual pizza oven with matching pizza-oar for placement and retrieval of suitably entopped thin-crust sourdough base. Any survivalist worth their salt would surely be able to set one of these up in their chain-link perimetered anarcho-base.   

       I don't mind the Tx films, after T1, the rest are mostly a vehicle for Arnold to say "Aarhl be back" in varying situations and circumstances.
zen_tom, Jun 14 2021

       You had me at "privacy"
Voice, Jun 14 2021

       ////You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.////   

Voice, Jun 14 2021

       Too late, [Voice]. I can almost* guarantee that someone, somewhere, knows your real name, home address, and pizza preferences and a crapton more about you - and that such information is available to anyone who wants to pay for it.   

       At that point it becomes reasonable to ask what is more worrisome - The possibility that your information could be weaponized against you? Or the chance that you would be seriously impaired in modern society if your data actually WAS wiped or at least inaccessible everywhere?   


* Almost - because well, maybe you really are a hermit living in the backwoods somewhere, and you just come into the public library in town somewhere to use the interwebs and buy provisions.
a1, Jun 14 2021

       Give me liberty or give me death. To not be permitted common activities like working, shopping, accessing my money, and traveling is to be denied freedom. Freedoms that are human rights and must not be predicated on a willingness to pay for them in ANY currency, except the occasional bloodbath by which the tree of liberty must, from time to time, be refreshed. Whether these liberties will be curtailed by the tyranny of a corporate plutocracy or by the tyranny of an overbearing state when that day comes you, too, will realize it's time. The erosion of privacy is just one of the many insidious vines leaching the life from that mighty tree.
Voice, Jun 14 2021

       I'm not aware of any inalienable right* to order a pizza (or any other product) without tendering payment in a form the vendor accepts. It also seems reasonable (not tyrannical) for the vendor to ask for a name to put on the order and where to deliver it. But as you DO seem to insist on that, I designed the Dead Drop Delivery system just for you.   

* If you can find this right enumerated in the US or any nation's constitution, please provide a reference.
a1, Jun 14 2021

       //Give me liberty or give me death// Not the best way to frame it, since everyone is going to die anyway.
pocmloc, Jun 15 2021

       it's probably time to start sending each other gigabytes of encrypted white noise, just because we can.
sninctown, Jun 15 2021

       //gigabytes of encrypted white noise// Great idea! But ... see link
pocmloc, Jun 15 2021

       //gigabytes of encrypted white noise//   

       Ha! I'd been wondering what to do when my internet connection isn't totally saturated. I can make the data easy enough, all I need is a friend at Lockheed Martin or something to add a little interest.
bs0u0155, Jun 15 2021

       Give me pizza or give me death!
Voice, Jun 15 2021

       Your proposal is acceptable.
a1, Jun 15 2021


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