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Deaf Con Wallpaper

Sound reduction on demand.
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The party across the street was already loud at 7pm. "We may have to prepare for tonight Deirdre. Let's start moving the ornaments." said Fred peeking through the lace curtains.

Sure enough, at 9pm the music and shouting was becoming a real annoyance. "Deaf Con 1 Deirdre!", said Fred. "Shackletons, Deaf Con 1!" said Deirdre (Shackletons being their choice of home control provider). Immediately there was a whirring sound from the stair cupboard and the walls started to move in.

Underneath the wallpaper was the Deaf Con system which resembled an inflatable lilo except the structure was maintained by thin high pressure tubes with the remainder holding a partial vacuum. That coupled with the egg-box like structure dramatically reduced the level of the mayhem across the street.

They could now both concentrate on re-reading the last few issues of Readers Digest.

... until 11pm when the party was approaching max Q. The quotient where noise / police ratio was at its highest. "Deaf Con 2!". "Shackletons, Deaf Con 2!".

This time double thick panels unfolded from the walls, fold by fold extending across doors and windows. Each installation is tailored to the customer - its Shackletons you know !

"That's better" said Deirdre, "Shackletons sound reduction to the rescue! Gardeners World Fred ? Or the Gardener and the lonely housewife ?"

bigsleep, Sep 09 2016




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